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Laser cutting gives you unusual home improvement

by:VENTECH     2022-02-09

Laser cutting technology has been widely used in various home design, whether it is a metal side cabinet with clear water chestnuts, metal tables and chairs, or a hard and soft curvy coffee table, or a metal screen with a hollow design. The small sides are full of glamour and dazzling luster.

Among many home improvement products, 'lights' light up our colorful lives and play an important role in modern home life. Laser cutting has the characteristics of no mold processing, which satisfies the needs of small batch customization in the lighting industry.

This lamp is inspired by the five-pointed star in mathematical geometry and various irregular changes. The laser metal cutting process and the special open structure enable the lamp to spread special light and shadow effects throughout the room. space.

For this bird chandelier, the designer successfully designed a bird-shaped lamp with a piece of metal foil. With the help of laser cutting technology, the beautiful moment when the bird spreads its wings and soars is reproduced in front of everyone.

The laser-cut barrel structure fixes the bulb in place, creating a simple metal structure, and then configures a small alloy sheet to adjust the direction of light propagation, finally presenting a minimalist, stable and thin Structure of the table lamp.

As long as you have a laser cutting machine, no matter how complicated the appearance of the lighting is, you can directly import it for laser cutting by generating graphics through 3D drawing software. Compared with traditional cutting methods, it is faster and more precise , And no mold cost.

Shade model diagram

This feature makes laser cutting widely used in industrial fields, especially in metal cutting. The fiber laser cutting machine is very popular in the processing of sheet metal, advertising, kitchenware, knives, hardware and other thin metal parts. .

Recommended models for metal processing:

SC3015 fiber laser cutting machine has always been a hot-selling model among Hongte plane cutting machines. It has a database of experts accumulated for more than 40 years. It has fast acceleration and high precision, and can meet carbon steel, stainless steel and other metals. The cutting demand of the plate is an ideal choice for the processing of medium and thin plates.

SC3015 processing advantages

World-class positioning speed

Manufacturing accuracy according to German standards

High output per unit time

Humanized quick operation interface, optional automatic material storage

Intelligent management: provide mes data collection, docking with ERP production management system

From small lights to nautical, more and more industries rely on laser processing technology to improve the processing quality of products or solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional processing methods and processes. Huagong Hongte is adopting continuous technology Accumulation, committed to providing solutions for the entire laser industry chain in the context of intelligent manufacturing, and creating more value for customers!

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