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Laser cutting creates big business in gadgets

by:VENTECH     2022-02-08

Models are not a new thing in our lives. Whenever a new real estate is on sale, people can always see a number of scaled down houses and landscapes in the sales hall. However, with the help of laser cutting technology, ordinary paper can also become full of unconventional design.

Bus stops, trees, benches, people and dogs, and even the falling petals of cherry blossoms, the scenes of our lives have been reduced by a ratio of 1:100. These large and small models are all laser-cut, and the shape needs to be buckled from the cardboard, then glued, and put on a card-sized piece of paper.

The designer of the model is an architect. The original intention is to better explain the design concept to the customer through the model, but I did not expect that the model will gradually be seen by more and more people, who want to buy a model. The number of people began to increase, and small paper people became a big business.

In fact, the application of laser cutting technology is ubiquitous from paper processing to automobile, motorcycle manufacturing, and is gradually changing our lives. The application of laser cutting machines is also driving all walks of life. Significant benefits.

Take the sheet metal industry where laser cutting machines are widely used as an example. Before laser cutting technology is used, all the structures in the plate surface must be completed on the punching machine through a die. Even a non-standard gasket part must be out of the mold, otherwise it cannot be processed. The laser cutting machine can cut any plane graphics, reducing traditional processing procedures, shortening the processing cycle, and achieving a dual reduction in labor intensity and processing costs.

The Zhitfalilai laser cutting machine has the advantages of high precision, high speed and flexible processing. It is called the 'fighter in the cutting machineA new era of cutting.

In the 21st century, the knowledge economy is dominant, and vigorously developing high and new technology is an inevitable choice to welcome the arrival of the era of knowledge economy. As one of the foundations of high and new technology, laser technology will play a vital role in the process of promoting the rapid development of the optoelectronic industry in the future.

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