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Laser cutting construction machinery giants glowing with artistic charm

by:VENTECH     2022-02-14

In people’s impression, heavy construction machinery is a solid and heavy machine, but Belgian artist wim delvoye presents these heavy construction machinery with fine and complicated Gothic and Victorian patterns, which is visually felt. The impact is self-evident.

From dump trucks to mixing trucks, from excavators to bulldozers, most of these works are made by laser cutting steel, and their fine hollow patterns add noble temperament to the vehicles.

Wim is not satisfied with creating this kind of 'on paper' type of small model, he will create some 'real guys' from time to time to scare people. The flatbed trailer model placed in the center of the square is 22 meters long, which is similar to the size of the real trailer. There is also a concrete mixing truck parked on the trailer, which looks spectacular; the crawler excavator is also 9 meters long. . If these large mechanical vehicles are equipped with engines and transmissions, I am afraid they can be put into work immediately.

In fact, laser cutting machines have been widely used in the construction machinery industry 10 years ago, mainly used for cutting concrete, cranes, road machines, loaders, port machinery, excavators, fire-fighting machinery, sanitation machinery and other products Unloading. As of March 2017, Sany Heavy Industry has used 65 laser cutting machines and more than 100 plasma cutting machines, of which more than 60% of Falile laser equipment and plasma equipment accounted for 40%. All laser cutting machines of Zoomlion are from Zhitfalilai.

As a leader in cutting and welding in the laser industry, Zitafalile strives to promote the application of flat laser cutting machines, three-dimensional laser cutting machines, bevel laser cutting machines and laser tube cutting machines in the industry. And provide a full set of industry-leading solutions to help companies improve production efficiency, improve process levels, quickly respond to market changes, and enhance the competitiveness of products in an increasingly competitive market.

Recommended model: WALC6030 large format CNC laser cutting machine

WALC high-performance wide-format CNC laser cutting machine adopts integrated movement structure of laser and beam, synchronous drive of bilateral gears and racks, and flying optical path. The optimized German Siemens laser cutting special CNC system combined with a super large worktable strengthens the user-friendly operation, and the movement is stable and reliable.

Construction machinery is not just a simple and rude construction tool. If you look at it from another angle, you will perceive the beauty of art. Whether it is in the field of large-scale construction machinery or the processing of metal crafts that are closely related to people’s lives, laser cutting machines have been more and more widely used in all walks of life. An ordinary steel plate or iron plate can be processed by laser cutting machines. Used.


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