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Laser cutting car seat cushions, let your car from the inside to the outside

by:VENTECH     2021-12-31

   is the New Year approaching, does your car need a new clothes? It’s time to go home for the New Year again. From clothes to mobile phones in the car, it must be beautiful. It’s time to change your car to a new one. It's time for the cushions and footpads to give it a new look from the inside out.

   When it comes to car seat cushions, the development of the market has increasingly tended to be customized and personalized services. Each foot cushion must fit the shape of the car body completely. The cutting requirements for the cushion are relatively high. The cushion laser cutting machine meets the high-precision requirements for the cushion cutting, and is widely used in the special-shaped cutting of car seat cushions. Cropped. Car mats are usually made of chemical fiber, linen, pvc and other materials. The mat laser cutting machine can realize efficient and fast cutting of these materials. The edges are smooth and flat, and no post-operation procedures are required. It is selected by many auto parts manufacturers.

In addition, the car mat laser cutting machine can not only cut and cut the seat cushion, but also can print patterns on it and print out the manufacturer’s production information. , Improve the added value of the brand, can be used for multiple purposes in one machine, and perfectly realize a series of operations from cutting to marking.

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Car mat laser cutting machine is mainly used in car mat seat cushion Cutting and cutting materials, leather fabric cutting, PVC fabric cutting, linen material cutting, chemical fiber material cutting.

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