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Laser cutting boosts the modernization of agricultural machinery manufacturing

by:VENTECH     2022-02-14

At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Agriculture has issued the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of National Agricultural Mechanization' to point out the direction for the development of agricultural mechanization. The 'Plan' proposes that by 2020, the level of agricultural machinery operations will be comprehensively improved. The comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest across the country will reach about 70%, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of wheat, rice, and corn will reach and stabilize at more than 80%; major crops Significant progress has been made in the mechanization of the entire production process, planting and breeding, and comprehensive mechanization. A new pattern of development of agricultural mechanization based on regional coordination has basically taken shape, and regions with conditions have taken the lead in basically achieving agricultural mechanization.

Data shows that the current comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest across the country is 63%, and there is still room for improvement in the next five years. The 'Plan' also proposes to accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation: implement the scientific and technological innovation-driven plan for agricultural mechanization, carry out pilot projects for subsidies for new agricultural machinery products, and promote the accelerated transformation of scientific and technological innovation results. In addition to policy support and guidance, my country has also implemented large-scale agricultural machinery purchase subsidies to help agricultural machinery companies change their service models and achieve the goal of agricultural mechanization. With the help of policies, agricultural machinery manufacturers have ushered in development opportunities and are also facing new challenges. The competition in the industry has intensified, and the requirements for processing speed and product quality have been correspondingly improved. Traditional processing techniques will inevitably not be able to meet the new market requirements. Fast and efficient processing methods are essential for agricultural machinery processing. Huagong Laser has many years of laser cutting experience, providing professional and comprehensive technical services and solutions for a large number of agricultural machinery manufacturing customers, and its equipment sales are leading in the industry. The newly launched MARVEL6000 series CNC laser cutting machine of Huagong Laser has powerful cutting ability, 'flying' cutting speed, ultra-high stability, high-quality processing, extremely low operating cost and ultra-high adaptability, cutting speed As fast as 80m/min.

The high-efficiency production method can well adapt to the fast pace of the replacement of agricultural machinery products. The use of laser cutting can process the sheet metal parts of the equipment at any time, which greatly shortens the equipment from the laboratory to the product. The cycle of the line has won the advantage of time for competition among peers. my country's agricultural machinery industry is far from developed countries in terms of technology and popularity. The agricultural machinery industry as a whole presents a small and scattered competition pattern. The application of laser cutting machines in the agricultural machinery industry is a powerful way to promote the upgrading and transformation of the agricultural machinery industry. assistant. As a leader in the field of sheet metal cutting, Hongte laser cutting machine provides a large number of agricultural machinery manufacturing customers with professional and complete technical services and solutions, and contributes to the development of my country's agricultural modernization.

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