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Laser cut placemat, beautiful and hygienic

by:VENTECH     2021-12-31

Every time I scan the food photos on Instagram or Weibo, I will sigh that the bloggers’ skill in posing is clearly the same food. How can the appetite index rise instantly under their cameras? In fact, we sometimes overlook some of them. The details behind the food, such as the utensils for the food, table decorations, etc. Among them, the placemat is an indispensable collocation in the food photos


Placemats are often used as heat insulation and non-slip effects. If you add some clever creativity and laser technology as accessories, it will also make people shine. Wood and bamboo products have a kind of art. Elegant and unique taste. After the computer designs the pattern, the laser cutting machine realizes the smooth and delicate cutting edge, and the natural and elegant bamboo wood pattern is placed on the dining table, which has a special flavor.

Using the soft and hard thick felt as the material, the exquisite laser cutting process creates a lovely placemat. Various fancy designs make the pure color placemat no longer monotonous and comfortable felt The material and any plate are versatile and harmonious, bright and light, and the colors bring a pleasant dining mood. Fresh, literary, Nordic, and girlish style....change the table scenery as you like to meet the needs of multiple styles

Recommended model: Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine

Features:< /p>

Exclusive process research and development to avoid the problem of traditional laser cutting with yellow and black cutting edges.

High-performance motherboard, anti-interference, more sufficient data output, continuous engraving after power failure, and slope engraving.

Quick curve cutting function: Any curve can be cut quickly and continuously.

With power, frequency and speed following functions, it can effectively reduce corner cutting burrs; corner energy following technology makes sharp corner cutting technology more perfect.

The path optimization plan can be designed in the software according to the needs to shorten the processing time and improve the efficiency.

Cameras, stainless steel base plates and other components can be added according to the needs or industry; improve the process or efficiency.

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