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Laser cut metal decoration is amazingly beautiful

by:VENTECH     2022-02-08

Laser cutting machines have been very common in the industrial field, but as an advanced and efficient metal processing tool, metal laser cutting machines are still out of reach for ordinary people.

As everyone knows, many metal decoration manufacturers have used laser cutting machines for decoration manufacturing, and the finished products produced are also amazing.

In this nail salon in Beijing, the wall pattern chose lace pattern, a very feminine clothing pattern, for abstract deformation, and finally realized by laser-cut 6mm steel plate. The curved wall divides different functional areas such as manicure, beauty, reception, warehouse and so on. Different patterns are superimposed on each other. The pure and abstract patterned space allows people to gradually calm down and enjoy their own beautiful time.

This restaurant in Beijing uses laser-cut metal mesh to make 6 kinds of hand-painted graphics to represent the corals, water plants and fish under the water, creating a unique underwater image: gorgeous, translucent , Fuzzy, unstable visual effects. It allows people to experience a sense of relaxation and freedom indoors, as if blowing the fresh air of the southern Mediterranean.

In addition, the metal screens that are becoming popular in the home are also mostly processed by laser cutting machines.

This is because the laser cutting machine processes metal, you only need to design the graphics on the computer, and you can make the graphics you want appear immediately, with arbitrary graphics, arbitrary adjustment of size and depth, high precision, and fast speed , The cut is smooth without burrs, and the 'non-contact' processing does not crush the material. In the metal decoration processing industry, these points are far incomparable with traditional processing techniques.

Hua Gong Laser has many years of experience in Ru0026D, production and sales of metal laser cutting machines. The MARVEL series CNC fiber laser cutting machine launched by the company has high cutting efficiency and fast speed, which can meet the demand of 100% metal cutting. The metal processing field is widely recognized.

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