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Laser cut metal bookmarks to share academic love

by:VENTECH     2022-02-09

Guide: Laser cutting machine to create metal bookmarks, there is always one interesting and classical one that you like~

2018 is about to end with only 2 months left. Has the plan made at the beginning of the year come true? Where is the book that I vowed to finish reading now?

In the era of information explosion, people are accustomed to 'shallow reading'. The Internet allows us to drift on the surface of the information ocean, but there are still people who stick to their original intentions. A book and a bookmark are a piece of tranquility that is exclusive to the individual. journey of.

Bookmarks are a small category of metal crafts. The market scale is not large, but the lively and interesting or simple and lovely small metal is full of the feelings of scholars.

▼The Chinese style metal bookmarks of the Palace Museum, cute but full of classical charm

▼Golden metal ginkgo leaf bookmark, keeping the season in the book fragrance

▼The ancient style of paper-cut window-shaped metal bookmarks, put Suzhou gardens in the book

Nowadays, the styles of metal bookmarks are becoming more and more diversified, and the materials used are not limited to stainless steel. Brass and aluminum plates are all used in the production of metal bookmarks. This also puts forward higher requirements for the flexibility of the metal processing technology. The fiber laser cutting machine processes thin metal plates, and only needs to import the pattern into the software, the design creativity can be turned into reality. It is an ideal choice for metal crafts processing.

The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine processing metal sheet:

1. The quality is exquisite: the fiber laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing, and the cutting section has no burrs and no secondary processing;

2. High flexibility: Fiber laser cutting machine processes thin metal plates without the aid of a mold, no matter how complicated the pattern is, it can be formed at one time;

3. Low cost, fiber laser cutting machine has higher processing efficiency than other cutting equipment, and has less consumables, small area, and low long-term use cost;

4. It is more environmentally friendly, the fiber cutting machine has less waste, low noise, clean, safe, and pollution-free, which greatly improves the working environment.

HuaGong Laser has accumulated many years of technology to provide high-performance equipment for metal processing. MARVEL series metal laser cutting machine can easily process metal bookmarks and metal crafts with various patterns. The processing effect is fine and the finished product is exquisite. High-quality choice for the metal processing industry.

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