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Laser cut lace, sexy and beautiful coexist

by:VENTECH     2021-12-31

Lace is a kind of textile with net-like holes as a decorative accessory. It often appears on the neckline, cuffs, hem and other parts of clothes. The high fashion show and ready-to-wear market are constantly changing in fashion today. Clothing made of lace as an accessory is very popular among fashion lovers. Laser cut lace shows elegant and romantic dressing fashion

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Lace is a versatile accessory that adds taste to women's clothing. Clothing with lace can have a richer texture and significant Improve the level of ordinary items to create a romantic and fashionable atmosphere. Laser beams dance on the thin lace wanton Romantic

The light and thin lace accessories are easy to spin with traditional cutting methods, and the processing speed is slow, and the efficiency is low. The non-contact laser cutting processing is not only high in accuracy, but also fast. It can be done without yellowing or falling silk. When the romantic and soft lace is decorated on the body, the effect will be doubled, and the fairy will be full of graceful breath flowers.

Lace is luxurious, sexy lace and at the same time poetic laser craftsmanship creates the romantic lines of lace and delicate touch. The looming hollow exudes the most charming and romantic temptation. Different colors and different cutting styles are matched with the clothing designer. Our whimsical ideas form a unique and beautiful landscape. Laser cut lace accessories make ordinary clothes rejuvenate and full of spirituality.

Recommended model: Double-head asynchronous laser cutting machine

Features and advantages:

1. Innovative process research and development to avoid the problem of traditional laser cutting with yellow and black cutting edges.

2. High-performance motherboard, anti-interference, more sufficient data output, continuous engraving after power failure, and slope engraving.

3. Fast curve cutting function: Any curve can be cut quickly and continuously.

4. With power, frequency and speed following functions, it can effectively reduce corner trimming burrs; corner energy following technology makes the sharp corner cutting technology more perfect.

5. The path optimization plan can be designed in the software according to the needs to shorten the processing time and improve the efficiency.

6. The symmetrical laser cutting processing efficiency is doubled, and the cutting effect is uniform, so that all the goals of saving costs and increasing output are under control

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