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Laser-cut headphone winder, storage has never been easier

by:VENTECH     2021-12-31

Whenever you want to take the headset out of your backpack or pocket for use, you will always find that it is entangled with other items, and it takes time and effort to untie it. Laser cutting the ingenious cable winder, no longer have to worry about the earphone cable tangled up!

A larger or smaller hole on the earphone cable winder where the earplug or plug is placed can damage the earphone and The possibility of the winder must be just right for the grasp of the size. After drawing on the computer, the laser cutting machine can perform precise cutting on the plate with high reduction according to the drawing.

The winders with different cartoon images are especially outstanding under the 'hands' of the non-contact laser cutting process Interesting, not only will not crush the material and mechanical deformation, but the made wire winder is exquisite and delicate, just like a cute face, the place where the earplugs are placed is the eyes, the winding thread is the clothes, and the whole earphone is cleverly stored. stand up.

After cutting into a headphone winder using a laser process with a processing accuracy of up to millimeters, it can still Engrave patterns or texts on the surface that do not become blurred or faded with changes in the environment. You can engrave what you want to say or photos as gifts for family and friends, or engrave corporate advertising slogans as event gifts for customers .

Since mobile phones have been widely used, various accessories around mobile phones have appeared one after another, but the products are the same. The qualitative degree is high. The laser processing technology has the characteristics of high customization ability, simple operation, flexible production, etc., which injects new life into the mobile phone accessories market, so that small accessories also have a great effect!

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1. Innovative technology research and development to avoid the problem of traditional laser cutting with yellow and black cutting edges.

2. High-performance motherboard, anti-interference, more sufficient data output, continuous engraving after power failure, and slope engraving.

3. Fast curve cutting function: Any curve can be cut quickly and continuously.

4. With power, frequency and speed following functions, it can effectively reduce corner cutting burrs; corner energy following technology makes the sharp corner cutting technology more perfect.

5. The path optimization plan can be designed in the software according to the needs to shorten the processing time and improve the efficiency.

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