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Laser cut car dashboard light-proof mat, make your car safer in summer!

by:VENTECH     2022-01-01

With the arrival of the hot summer, do you feel sorry for your car to endure more than 30 degrees of high temperature steaming outside, Especially when the windows are closed, the temperature inside the car can soar to more than 60 degrees. After long-term sun exposure and ultraviolet radiation, the instrument panel at the front of the car is prone to cracks and bulges. Therefore, the instrument panel light-proof pad should be produced on demand. , Which can effectively prevent damage caused by car exposure. In addition, the dashboard light-proof pad can prevent sunlight refraction and increase the brightness of the front windshield. Prevent images of the exterior of the car and the dashboard from being reflected on the front windshield, avoid glare, and promote driving safety.

What the editor will introduce today is a device for cutting the light-proof mat of automobile instrument panel-instrument panel light-proof mat laser cutting machine. This device can be tailored to cut according to the model data, perfectly fit the instrument panel, the cutting shape is accurate, the error rate is small, the instrument panel is effectively protected, there is no protective dead angle, and the cutting edge is smooth and flat.

What is the advantage of laser cutting machine for instrument panel light-proof mat?

This model is suitable for cutting a variety of fabrics and blended materials. It can import graphics to the computer as needed, and the software can automatically typeset. The raw materials can be used in maximum efficiency. The automatic loading and unloading function can be configured to save labor and improve efficiency. For materials of different sizes and formats, Zhite Laser provides a variety of models for you to choose from, to meet the diversified customization of manufacturers.

Recommended models:

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