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Large-format advertising banner laser cutting equipment-printed fabric cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-19

Advertising banners are a way of advertising, often appearing in various activities, such as 4S shops and shopping malls. Play a role in publicity activities, publicity manufacturers, etc. In many forms of advertising display, such as advertising signs, banners, flags, etc., advertising banners are favored by many advertising companies due to their convenient carrying and eye-catching features. With the large-scale application of advertising banners, banner manufacturers have introduced laser technology and used laser cutting technology to cut advertising banners.

Traditional advertising banner production methods: direct printing or thermal transfer, however, the banners that have been printed with patterns have been cut and cut by many manufacturers. difficulty. The traditional cutting method is manual cutting. Large-format advertising banners need to be spread out first, and then manually cut along the edge. Not only is the efficiency low, the cutting effect is poor, but also the cutting errors are prone to problems, and it is very difficult to encounter the opposite sex cutting. .

And choose the laser cutting equipment-printed fabric laser cutting machine, which can greatly improve the production efficiency, and spread the whole roll of printed flags on the work platform Inside, the machine automatically recognizes patterns and patterns, automatically cuts along the edge, and automatically loads and unloads after the cutting, without manual operation, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs. The cutting edge is smooth and burr-free, and it is especially suitable for all kinds of special-shaped cutting.

Comparison between laser and manual process:

Laser cutting

Manual cutting

Cutting efficiency

Laser high-speed cutting is 3~5 times that of manual cutting

Manual cutting speed is slow

Cutting effect

Smooth edges, automatic seam, No need for crimping process, high cutting accuracy

The edge is easy to fray, the cutting error is large, the defective rate is high, and it is not friendly to the opposite sex cutting.

Process steps

Complete the integrated operation from feeding-cutting-unloading

The process is cumbersome and the time cost is high

Scope of application

Can realize cutting and punching at one time Hole, trimming, slicing and many other processes

Difficult to operate, poor effect

Recommended model: printed fabric laser cutting machine

Applicable equipment:

Not only suitable for the cutting of various regular square and rectangular flags, flags of the opposite sex, large-format banner logos, large-format printed fabrics such as bedding, bed sheets, curtain cloth, pillowcases, sofa covers, etc., can also be easily cut .

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