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Laptop shell sticker film laser cutting and cutting equipment-protective film cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-06

Notebook computers are widely used in life and can meet people's various needs. However, due to its high price, it is generally kept properly by people and is considered a 'precious' item. In order to strengthen the protection of laptops, or out of the need for fun decoration, more and more people buy laptop casing stickers protective film, etc., to decorate and protect their computers.

So, how are these notebook case sticker protective films produced? The editor came to talk to everyone in detail today. Our common notebook case stickers are usually made of plastic film material, usually a whole piece of plastic film material is printed with a pattern on its surface, and then cut into a process that can adapt to the size and shape of the notebook computer case through a cutting process. Today, I will mainly introduce to you the cutting process of the protective film of the shell sticker.

The traditional cutting method is a manual knife cutting method, which has low efficiency and low accuracy, and is gradually eliminated. Later, laser technology was gradually introduced, and the film sticker was cut with a laser cutting machine. The specific operation process is as follows: set the cutting pattern on the computer-import the laser cutting machine software-the laser cutting machine automatically cuts. For some patterns with patterns, the CCD visual recognition system is configured to intelligently identify the position of the pattern and follow a specific pattern. Shape cutting.

What is the advantage of laser cutting laptop case sticker protective film?

1. Cutting the sticker protective film is fast, efficient, and labor saving

2. The cutting accuracy of the film protective film is high, and the defective rate is extremely low

3. Cutting The effect is good, the edge is smooth, burr-free, and non-sticking

4. One machine for multiple purposes, can realize full-cut, half-cut, hollow, punch and other processes

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