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Lampshade laser cutting machine, new technology for cutting and hollowing lamps

by:VENTECH     2022-02-08

The lamp plays an important role in life. It is not only the role of lighting, but also a kind of decoration, a kind of 'ritual sense' of life. Common lamps include illuminating chandeliers, small table lamps, small night lamps and so on. Its shapes are diverse, from the traditional horizontal and vertical design to the chic and unique appearance nowadays, which incorporates great efforts of the designer. When it comes to the shape of the lamp, it is essentially the difference of the lampshade. And how are these beautifully shaped lampshades produced? I will take you to find out today.

Lamp shades are usually made of plastic, acrylic, paper products and other materials. Very few lamp shades are made of metal. These plastic parts are injection molded. The machine is injection molded into a specific shape, and then through a cutting process, the unique pattern is cut and hollowed out, and then the lamp is installed around the lamp. In the cutting process, many lampshade manufacturers choose to use laser cutting machines to achieve the cutting process.

Laser lampshade laser cutting machine, also known as carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, is a special equipment for cutting hollow out various plastic acrylic products. This model is equipped with a carbon dioxide laser, which is suitable for cutting most non-metallic materials, such as fabrics, plastics, rubber, leather, bamboo and wood products. The cutting edge is smooth and burr-free, the cutting is accurate, and the effect is beautiful. It is equipped with specific fixtures, which can realize three-dimensional hollow carving of curved surfaces, flat surfaces, and spherical surfaces. It is a tailor-made equipment for cutting lampshades.

Recommended model: Plastic laser cutting machine

Model configuration:

1. Configuration 1.6*1m cutting table can meet the requirements of large-size lampshade cutting

2. Single head or multiple heads are optional to improve cutting efficiency and productivity

3. Configure high-quality CO2 Laser tube, stable light source, long-term high-intensity operation.

4. The equipment is low maintenance cost, simple operation, easy to use

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