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Kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine opens a new era of mechanical manufacturing

by:VENTECH     2022-02-18

Guide: The rapid development of modern high-tech has put forward higher and newer requirements for the machinery manufacturing industry. Countries and regions, especially developed countries, attach great importance to the development of machinery manufacturing. Not only do they occupy the forefront of the proportion, accumulation, employment, and contribution of their own industries, they also provide an important material foundation for the development and production of new technologies and new products. , Is an indispensable strategic industry in a modern economy. Even industrialized countries that are advancing into an 'information society' all attach great importance to the development of machinery manufacturing.

As a high-tech industrialization, the machinery manufacturing industry plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the technological progress and industrial upgrading of the entire society. In order to adapt to changes in market demand, major manufacturers have adopted specialized production. 'Single variety, mass production' has become a new feature of the production methods of many Fortune 500 companies. In order to achieve this requirement, Zhite Laser The launch of the kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine GF3015Plus can greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of the machinery manufacturing industry.

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As the pioneer and leader of laser industrial applications, Farrell has been focusing on the technological development of the cutting and welding industry. The FARLEY•LASERLAB brand GF3015Plus fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of high precision, high speed, and flexible processing. Inherited the first-class advanced cutting manufacturing technology of Farleylaserlab in Australia.

This series of models provides leading technology, high-quality cutting and welding equipment and complete technical services to global machinery manufacturing. It also includes automobiles, machine tools, locomotives, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, It is recognized as a leading brand in the application of plate cutting and welding in the application fields of grain machinery, electrical appliances, elevators and so on. At present, thousands of high-power laser cutting and laser welding equipment are operating well in more than 30 countries including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, India, and China.

GF3015Plus has a stable and reliable machine tool structure, adopts gantry structure machine tools, aluminum alloy beams, imported grinding helical gear racks; high-performance CNC system, more advanced technical advantages, and imported high-precision linear guides Transmission system, professional laser cutting CNC system, high-performance servo motor, are high-tech products that integrate advanced technologies such as laser cutting, precision machinery, and CNC technology.

The machinery manufacturing industry provides technical equipment for the entire national economy, and the Farrelite kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine has fully played a role in promoting, upgrading and transforming machinery manufacturing and processing technology. Among them, contemporary high-tech achievements such as information equipment technology, industrial automation technology, numerical control processing technology, robotics, new material technology, and environmental protection equipment technology are widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry to meet the market demand of machinery manufacturing to the greatest extent and create machinery manufacturing New era. (National unified free consultation hotline:)

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