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Kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine enhances the competitive advantage for the kitchenware industry

by:VENTECH     2022-02-18

With the fierce competition in the kitchenware industry, kitchenware manufacturing companies that professionally design, manufacture, and sell commercial kitchen equipment, and undertake kitchen equipment projects for large hotels, hotels, and schools, are also facing a revolution in processing technology. Upgrade, the existing shears, bending machines, punching machines, turret punching and other equipment can no longer provide enterprises with a strong competitive advantage. The kitchenware industry faces a short product update cycle and high individual requirements for kitchenware engineering. Most of them are single-piece production. Stainless steel blanking requires a variety of special-shaped holes and cutting curve edges. Punches and turret punches cannot open holes of any shape. Plasma cutting machines Factors such as the lack of cutting accuracy and other factors have caused the obsolete processing equipment not only to rely on the skill level of the scribing master but also the skill level of the sheet metal blanking master, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, resulting in high costs.

In today’s environment of technological innovation, industrial restructuring, and unprecedented fierce market competition, who can be the first to find a breakthrough and realize the renewal of production technology including equipment is undoubtedly very important for kitchenware processing enterprises. Important, realistic and long-term significance. As the industry recognized leading brand in plate cutting and welding, Farley (http://www.farleylaserlab.cn/) produces a series of kilowatt fiber laser cutting machines that meet the needs of kitchenware processing companies and provide the best solution to the above problems. . Its products have practical and sophisticated mechanical design, superior performance optical system, and powerful control system.

The Falilei kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine series has a series of characteristics such as good beam quality, high precision, small slits, material saving, smooth cutting surface and safe operation. It can complete arbitrary graphics quickly and well. The sheet metal blanking of a single piece of material reduces the number of skilled workers, eliminates the pressure of rising labor costs, greatly improves work efficiency, and saves tens of thousands of yuan in processing fees per month, less than a year The investment cost of the laser cutting machine can be recovered. Using a laser cutting machine can not only solve the above-mentioned problems that have been plagued by kitchenware manufacturers, but also can quickly and easily realize processing samples on the panel, reducing the cost of new product development and shortening the development cycle of new products. At the same time, the precision of laser processing equipment cutting materials is extremely high, which improves the yield of range hoods and gas appliances and reduces the loss of materials. For some special-shaped products, laser cutting machines have unique advantages.

FARLEY·LASERLABGF3015Plus CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The GF3015Plus-1000F CNC fiber laser cutting machine developed and manufactured by Farilei, adopts gantry structure and aluminum alloy beam; adopts imported grinding helical rack, imported high-precision linear guide transmission system; has professional laser cutting CNC System; High-performance servo motor is a high-tech product integrating advanced technologies such as laser technology, precision machinery, and numerical control technology. Farrelai's kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine series have been widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchenware and other industries, and have accumulated a wealth of industry application experience and brand awareness.

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