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It's right to choose a metal laser cutting machine like this

by:VENTECH     2021-12-12

Nowadays, more and more companies will list metal laser cutting machines as 'must-buy items' when processing metal materials. This reflects that people are paying more and more attention to processing efficiency and quality, and it can also be seen that people are mechanized instead of labor. The awareness of gradually increased. However, there are many brands of metal laser cutting machines on the market, with different types, functions, and application groups. Which brand of metal laser cutting machine is good, and how to lock a suitable metal laser cutting machine? Today, I will take you to understand.

The ranking of metal laser cutting machine brands, the more reliable they are.

Which brand of metal laser cutting machine is good? For customers who don’t have time to understand and do their homework one by one, they can choose according to the brand ranking of metal laser cutting machine. Generally, the higher the brand, the stronger the brand. The more trustworthy it is.

Metal laser cutting machine brand Hongte

Founded in 1996, Hongte has become a socially recognized leading brand in the forefront of China's laser equipment industry development history, market share, production scale, product category, and sales area.

Hongte emerged in Shenzhen in 1996. It is a national key high-tech enterprise, a national innovative pilot enterprise, a national scientific and technological achievement promotion demonstration base—a key promotion demonstration enterprise, a key software enterprise within the national planning layout, and China Smart One of the top 100 manufacturing companies, one of the top ten listed companies in China, a key enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province, a famous brand product enterprise in Guangdong Province, and its main scientific research projects have been identified as national torch plan projects. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2004 (abbreviation: Hongte, stock code: 002008).

Which brand of laser cutting machine is good? In everyone's impression, Hongte's laser equipment is a stable 'only gradeIn particular, Hongte has innovated and developed lasers and cutting systems in recent years, redefining the new standards of domestic laser cutting machines, creating popular products, and adding a heavy weight to its leading position in the industry.

When buying a metal laser cutting machine, you must choose according to these aspects

1. Choose according to the industry used

If you are engaged in sheet metal processing, choose a sheet laser cutting machine. The thin sheet and thick sheet are different, and the power of the cutting thickness is different. The laser cutting machine selected is also different in different industries. For example, in the cabinet electrical industry, these industries generally process thin plates, so you can choose a thin metal laser cutting machine. We recommend Hongte MPS-C and MPS-D series equipment. If you are engaged in office furniture , Sports equipment and other industries, there are more metal pipe processing, so we choose MPS-PT series pipe cutting equipment.

2, select according to power level

Currently, metal laser cutting machines have two levels: low and medium power, and high and medium power. Low and medium power refers to equipment with a power range of 500W-3000W. These equipment can quickly process medium and thin plates. Medium and high power are equipment above 3000W. , Medium and heavy plate cutting naturally chooses medium and high power.

3. Choose according to function

At present, many metal laser cutting machines only have a simple 'cutting' function, which can no longer meet the diverse needs of people. Some metal laser cutting machines have rich functions and bring multiple values u200bu200bto users. So try to choose metal laser cutting machine products with rich functions and practical.

The above has introduced you which brand of metal laser cutting machine is good, and how to choose the metal laser cutting machine. Choosing a reliable metal laser cutting machine brings an important guarantee for metal processing; choose it based on the experience and skills introduced above.

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