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Is metal laser cutting machine expensive? Price is not the only criterion

by:VENTECH     2021-12-12

This year because of the epidemic, everyone said that many markets have been affected and shrinking, but the metal processed products industry has not been greatly affected by the impact of the epidemic, because the demand for metal products is very large , The customers and friends who are engaged in laser processing are all going all out, rushing to catch up with the goods. The news page of China's small home appliances some time ago is confirmed by the news page, so the key equipment of laser processing, the metal laser cutting machine is not expensive What is the price? For those who see business opportunities and are eager to try, it is the first consideration. Next, the Hongte laser cutting machine manufacturer will answer related questions for you.
The price of metal laser cutting machine is not expensive and equipment classification

Metal laser cutting machine is also divided into many kinds of products: each product's specifications and craftsmanship are divided into many kinds of equipment. Taking the flat metal laser cutting machine as an example, it is divided into interactive, single table, plate tube and other types. It is mainly selected according to our own actual needs, including the power of the laser and which type of material to be processed, such as stainless steel or Carbon steel, pipes or plates, etc. are all worth considering. The equipment is used to save time and effort. The price of a useful metal laser cutting machine may be more expensive than traditional equipment!

What are the attractive highlights of the metal laser cutting machine?

1. High cutting precision and good stability: The use of precision ball screw drive mechanism and optimized CNC system control can meet the requirements of bai precision parts processing, and the dynamic performance is stable, and it can continue to work for a long time.

2. The quality of the cutting section is good: the mechanical follow-up cutting head system is adopted. The cutting head moves with the height of the plate, and the position of the cutting point always remains unchanged, so that the cutting seam is flat and smooth, and the section does not need subsequent processing. It is suitable for cutting flat or curved plates.

3. The cutting area is large, it is suitable for cutting materials, and it has a wide range of applications. The materials that can be processed are: ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum plate, copper plate, titanium plate, etc.

4. High cost performance: For thin plate cutting, it can replace CO2 laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine and shearing machine, etc. The cost of the whole machine is equivalent to 1/4 of CO2 laser cutting machine and 1/2 of CNC punching machine. .

5. Low cost of use: The main consumables are electricity, cooling water, auxiliary gas and laser lights, and the average cost per hour is about 28 yuan.

6. Fast cutting speed and high efficiency: The maximum cutting speed for ordinary carbon steel is 2 m/min, and the average speed is 1 m/min. It is calculated at 8 yuan per meter. Excluding the auxiliary processing time, the average It can create an output value of about 400 yuan per hour, and a net profit of about 350 yuan.

7. Low follow-up maintenance costs: simple structure, convenient operation, stable laser operation and low maintenance costs.

8. The metal laser cutting machine is operated by an electronic control panel.

9. The metal laser cutting machine can be produced uninterrupted for 24 hours. The laser has a long attenuation cycle and a long service life to reduce the investment cost of the equipment.

The above is the metal laser cutting machine and price briefly introduced by the editor. If you have any questions or inquiries, you are welcome to consult our online customer service, and we will reply as soon as we see it. You!

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