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Is domestic laser cutting machine not as good as imported? Your mindset should be changed

by:VENTECH     2022-02-17

Last year, the 'Four New Inventions' high-speed rail, QR code payment, bicycle sharing and online shopping have won a lot of attention, and many foreigners are also calling for 'Made in China'. However, in the minds of most Chinese people, the concept of 'import u003d good' is still profound. From bags and milk powder to cars and home appliances, Chinese people are everywhere in the world.

The same phenomenon also exists in industrial fields such as laser equipment. Laser cutting machines are technology introduced from European and American countries. Therefore, when choosing laser cutting machines, many users always worry about domestic laser cutting machines. bad quality.

But is the imported laser cutting machine necessarily better than the domestic laser cutting machine?

The answer may have been yes many years ago.

In recent years, with the expansion of the application range of laser cutting machines, domestic laser cutting machine production and Ru0026D technology has also made great progress. It is time to change the notion that domestic laser cutting machines are not as good as imported ones.

The trend of domestically-made replacement products for core components is significant

The core component of a laser cutting machine is the laser, which is also the most important part of the price of a laser cutting machine. For a long time, my country's high-power laser cutting machine equipment has been purely assembled and produced by relying on imported technology. The core components are affected by people. The price of laser cutting machines is expensive and the supply cycle is long, resulting in high prices of laser cutting machines.

However, with the improvement of domestic laser manufacturers' research and development capabilities, the trend of domestic lasers replacing imports has become increasingly significant.

Currently, low-power fiber lasers are mostly occupied by domestic manufacturers, with a market share of 85%. After the domestic production of low-power lasers from 2010 to 2015, the cost of low-power lasers has fallen by more than 50%. Domestic manufacturers in the mid-power fiber laser market have achieved technological breakthroughs in recent years, and their market share has greatly increased. In 2016, sales exceeded imports for the first time.

As domestic manufacturers develop 1.5-6kw high-power fiber lasers, breaking the pricing power of foreign manufacturers such as IPG, the price of high-power fiber lasers will drop significantly. And this will also accelerate the penetration of laser processing in the domestic industrial field, and domestic equipment manufacturers will seize the market of foreign equipment manufacturers in the traditional heavy industry field.

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After-sales, price, domestic advantages besieging imports

Compared with imported equipment, after-sales convenience and low price are undoubtedly the biggest advantages of domestic equipment. Purchasing domestic laser cutting machines can reduce transportation costs, tariffs, import prices and other large costs for enterprises, and due to the distance With the advantages of the above, the response speed of domestic laser cutting machine after-sales service is also much higher than that of foreign brands.

In addition to the progress of domestic lasers, the gap between domestic laser cutting machines and imported laser cutting machines in processing effects has narrowed. The cost-effective advantage of domestic laser cutting machines has become increasingly prominent, and domestic laser cutting machine brands have a market share Higher and higher.

Research shows that by 2020, my country’s laser cutting equipment market is expected to reach 1.9 billion yuan. With the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the demand for high-power laser cutting machines in my country is about 10,000 units. If calculated at a price of 2 million yuan per unit, the market space will reach 20 billion yuan.

In such a huge market, it is conceivable that domestic and foreign laser cutting machine manufacturers will compete fiercely. In the case of healthy market competition, the ultimate winner is undoubtedly the enterprise that pays for the laser cutting machine.

So when companies choose laser cutting machines, they should not only see the advantages of foreign laser cutting equipment, but ignore the advantages of domestic laser equipment. Choosing suitable equipment can improve the production efficiency and economic benefits of the company. Is the right choice.

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