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Introduction to common laser cutting machine parameters

by:VENTECH     2022-03-03

Place of Origin


Is it imported?



Wuxi Hongte



Control method



Metal< /p>





Product alias

Laser cutting machine Metal plate cutting

Maximum wire cutting speed

20000 (mm/s)

Applicable materials

Suitable for stainless steel and carbon Cutting of metal plates such as steel and aluminum plates. Widely used in sheet metal structure, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production

Positioning accuracy

±0.03 (mm)

3015GF-1000W fiber laser cutting machine

Max. processing size


Effective stroke

X axis: 3020mm Y axis: 1520mm Z Axis: 110mm

Positioning accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy

/Repeat positioning accuracy


Max.operating speed

1200,000 mm/min

Max.cutting depth< /p>

10mm (carbon steel) 6mm (stainless steel)

Laser power

1000W (optional 300W-3000W)

Laser Wavelength/Laser wave length


Cooling system/Cooling system

Water cooling

Power demand/Power supply


Gross power


Gross weight



Max. load bearing




Longmen dual-drive structure, high-speed movement, stable and reliable, the machine body base is integrally machined, the machine has good rigidity and high precision.

Imported planetary reducer, equipped with Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, adopts imported high-precision rack and pinion transmission, with high precision, and the speed is about three times faster than ordinary machines.

The overall aluminum alloy beam structure takes into account the advantages of rigidity and light weight, fast response and good dynamic performance.

First-class quality fiber laser, many years of industrial application, long life, maintenance-free, stable and reliable, electromechanical all-excellent design, selected famous brand electrical accessories.

The electrical parts of the machine tool are all imported from Schneider, Japan and Omron from Japan, and imported high-precision guide rails are used to ensure the accuracy of the machine and can withstand large loads.

High-precision laser cutting head, imported optical lens, with protective film, convenient focusing and improving cutting effect;

The height controller adopts BCS100 independent capacitive height controller, speed position Double closed-loop algorithm control, performance such as operating speed and accuracy are significantly better than similar products at home and abroad.

The numerical control system adopts the current mainstream FSCUT2000 laser cutting system, cooperates with the CypCut laser cutting software, supports DXF/PLT/AI/DST and other formats input, has powerful graphics drawing and editing functions, and cutting process data Save and call function, with functions such as breakpoint memory, continuous engraving after power failure, processing time prediction, etc., to ensure continued processing in the event of unexpected power failure or the next day, and the operation is simple and easy to learn.

The gas control part adopts Japanese SMC, Italian CAMOZZI, Taiwan AirTAC pneumatic components; the gas flow is controlled by a proportional valve, and the air flow is stable; when cutting different plates, it will automatically switch air and oxygen according to the instructions in the process library , Nitrogen, three gases and air pressure, no manual adjustment is required.

The machine tool lubrication system is more stable and has a long life.

Various sizes and specific requirements can be tailored according to the special requirements of customers.

It can cut all kinds of metal plates, mainly suitable for fast cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, manganese steel, silicon steel, alloy, rare metals and other materials.

Widely used in: mechanical parts, sheet metal cabinets, lighting hardware, kitchen appliances, auto parts, advertising signs, saw blades, glasses, display equipment and other metal manufacturing and processing industries.

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