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Introduce several major application scenarios of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-08

   With the proposal of 'Made in China 2025In the cutting market, fiber laser cutting machines have gradually replaced traditional processing methods in the field of thin plate processing with their flexibility and flexibility.

   With the integration and adjustment of the sheet metal manufacturing industry, the future market demand for laser cutting machines will become greater and greater, and they are basically mainly used in the following major industries.

1, sheet metal processing

   fiber laser cutting machine has high precision, high speed, flexible processing (no need to open mold ) And other advantages, become the product of sheet metal processing. The high quality and high speed of fiber laser cutting machine are unique in the sheet metal industry and are favored by sheet metal companies.

2. Automobile manufacturing

   The automobile industry is an industry concentrated in science and technology, and the fiber laser cutting machine laser is used as a cutting equipment At present, 50% to 70% of auto parts are processed by laser. The auto industry mainly uses laser welding and laser cutting as the main processing methods, including plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting.

3. Case cabinet

  Computer case, electrical switch, electric cabinet, elevator manufacturer choose Hongte laser optical fiber The laser cutting machine focuses on the stability and high speed of the equipment, without the need for secondary processing of the workpiece, which greatly increases the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.

 4. Advertising industry

   Advertising industry is now more and more processing and cutting metal characters, the traditional The production of metal characters requires a variety of processing techniques such as bending, welding, and polishing. Now, as long as the graphics are input into the computer, the fiber laser cutting machine can be used for high-speed cutting.

   Fiber laser cutting machine is now more and more widely used, not only in the above industries, but also in the agricultural machinery and equipment industry, kitchenware industry and so on.

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