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Industry comparison of laser cutting machine equipment

by:VENTECH     2022-03-15
With the development of laser cutting technology, laser cutting machines are used in more and more fields, and more and more materials are applicable. However, different materials have different characteristics, so the matters needing attention when using laser cutting are also different. If my country’s laser equipment manufacturing companies can successfully realize the complete localization of key components of fiber lasers, I believe that the cost of fiber lasers will be greatly reduced in the future, and it will have a certain impact on this industry. At this stage, many companies’ laser research and development projects There is no profit, but when they complete these projects, the prospects for future development are still very large.

At present, the application research of all lasers of Wuhan Meiman Company includes the cutting field, and its ultimate goal is to drive the development of laser projects. Despite the high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, aluminum materials with a thickness of 6mm or less can be cut. Laser Introduction to the equipment room of the engraving machine This depends on the alloy type and the ability of the laser. When cutting with oxygen, the cutting surface is rough and hard. When using nitrogen, the cutting surface is smooth. Pure aluminum is very difficult to cut because of its high purity. The aluminum can only be cut when the 'reflective absorption' device is used, otherwise the reflection will destroy the optical components.
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