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Improve and perfect the processing quality and starting point setting of CNC gantry cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-13

The cutting quality of the CNC laser cutting machine is related to the accuracy of the equipment on the one hand, and directly related to the firepower adjustment and operation level of the operator on the other hand. The cutting effect of flame cutting varies according to the cutting gas used. After some companies purchase two equipment at the same time, the cutting effect of cutting a workpiece at the same time is different. The reason is that the operator has not mastered the adjustment of the fire.

To make good use of the CNC laser cutting machine, you must first be proficient in fire fighting. In terms of gas source, most of the oxygen in the processing sites of general enterprises is supplied by pipelines, and the pressure and purity of oxygen can generally meet the requirements of use. Most cutting gas is bottled, 30 kilograms per bottle. Under the scale of 5 machines and 5 streams, the service time is about 2 hours, and the bottled gas pressure fluctuates greatly, which directly affects the gas flow and cutting quality. In addition, the pressure of the bottled gas source fluctuates greatly at the beginning and end of the use process, and warm water heating is used on-site to ensure the stability of the gas source is a good treatment method.

In order to ensure the cutting quality of the CNC cutting machine, it is necessary to regularly check the pipeline and joints for leakage and aging, frequently clean and lubricate the bearings and guide rails, and clean the cutting nozzles and cooling water pipes. It is necessary to complete some daily tasks on a regular basis to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, thereby improving and enhancing the cutting effect. The adjustment of the flame is related to other factors, especially the type and thickness of steel. We need to pay attention to summarizing and accumulating experience in our daily work, strengthening study and research, and mastering various knowledge.

The gantry numerical control cutting machine uses the numerical control system to complete the entire cutting operation according to the cutting trajectory under the set cutting graph trajectory. But in practical applications, considering the shape of the steel plate, the size of the cut part, the thickness and material of the plate, where should the cutting position of the cutting torch be on the surface of the plate?

It is generally recommended that users design cutting points on the edge of the steel plate. Taking into account the preheating problem of flame cutting, starting from the edge will extend the life of the wearing parts. At the same time, in order to improve the cutting surface quality of the parts, it is recommended to increase the lead length appropriately to improve the cutting quality.

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