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how to tig weld aluminum and get the stack of dimes look, even with an old tig welding machine

by:VENTECH     2020-03-07
Want to know the TIG welding method of aluminum?
First of all, you need a decent TIG welder.
Not a great one, but a decent one.
You may have an old Synrowave 300 or DialArc, an old Hobart CyberTIG, or you may have a brand new Miller dynasty 350. Know what?
This is not important.
The same principle applies.
If you have an old as dirt TIG welder, you can still make a good aluminum TIG weld.
Looks like a bunch of welding beads of coins.
First let\'s take a look at the machine settings: Now let\'s take a look at how to implement the \"stack of coins\" section.
You can get this by adding the same number of rods and moving the torch of the same distance each time you add a rod.
Add the rod, 1/8 steps forward, add the rod, 1/8 steps forward, add the rod, 1/8 steps forward, foam rinse repeat.
If you do this all the time, you get ripples that look like a uniform distribution of coins.
Of course, it looks different from under the welding helmet and is more difficult than it sounds, but it is indeed your practice.
The rest is done.
This requires practice and a lot of high quality seating time.
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