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how to thread a euro pro shark sewing machine

by:VENTECH     2020-02-29
Although all sewing machines have the same purpose of providing the machine
The quality structure of clothing and home fashion is different, and their structure is different.
The structure and function of the sewing machine may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, or even from model to model produced by the manufacturer.
Therefore, the threading mechanism of the sewing machine is different, making the threading process of each sewing machine on the market slightly different.
This guide will provide basic instructions for the threading of professional shark sewing machines in Europe.
Put the line shaft on the online shaft pin, in the handle in the upper right corner of the machine facing the back.
Guide the thread by the upper thread guide located directly below the machine handle.
Through the second upper threaded guide, several spaces were found on the left side of the first upper threaded guide mentioned in step 2.
Introduce the second thread boot line down into the thread boot line.
Direct the line down to you through the tension plate.
Continue to pull the line down through the slit.
Form a \"U\" shape, place the thread back on the left side of the guide, and grab the check spring when the thread moves back through the left side Guide.
Bring the line-
Up the bar and thread through the eyes of the right barto-left motion.
Lead down and slide down through horizontal threaded rails.
The guide thread passes through the wire guide wire attached to the needle clip.
Insert the thread through the needle from front to back, pull the thread Four to 6 inch to create the thread extension.
The machine is threaded now.
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