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How to solve the failure of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-07

Nowadays, the technological level of science and technology is getting higher and higher. The processing and cutting work of some workpieces is handed over to the current new technology equipment, such as equipment such as fiber laser cutting machine, because it can perform extremely high-precision cutting processing. Many manufacturers use it, but if the fiber laser cutting machine is used for a long time without regular maintenance, the accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine will decrease, and the fiber laser cutting machine will not meet the production requirements.

1. Check if there is a problem with the focal length. Pay special attention to cleaning the lens, changing the focal length of the new lens, and adjusting the correct focal length!
2. Check whether the lens is damaged or dirty. The laser cutting machine will cause the laser to scatter and cause the laser beam to become larger. It is the way to replace or clean the lens.
3. The laser is also a factor that can not be ignored. Check the quality of the laser spot. If there are bright spots or spots, voids, voids, etc., the direction of the support point of the laser is appropriate! The solution requires adjustment of the support, rotation direction, and replacement of the laser.

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