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How to prevent high temperature condensation of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-03

Summer is the season of high incidence of laser cutting machine failures. The statistical results show that most of the laser failures of high-power laser cutting machines are closely related to the user's operating sequence and equipment operating environment. Most laser failures are caused by high temperatures, such as high humidity and condensation. In order to prevent this situation and reduce the time and loss of equipment failure, the following tips are given:

1. Mechanisms to prevent failure

Laser is one A device that converts electrical energy into laser energy. Its internal structure is complex, involving many disciplines and fields such as optics, mechanics, electronics, and computing. Compared with other types of lasers, fiber lasers have lower environmental requirements, but must also ensure that the use environment meets the requirements, and its own protective measures can effectively play a protective role. If there are omissions in the startup sequence, enclosure sealing, and water temperature settings, the temperature difference between the inside and outside may cause condensation on the surface of the water-cooled electronic and optical equipment inside the laser, thereby reducing the performance of the laser, or even damaging the laser.

Second, preventive measures

This measure is mainly to prevent the condensation of internal electronic or optical components, which can be divided into the following points:

1. Ensure the shell Sealed

The fiber laser box adopts a closed design, and an air conditioner or dehumidifier is installed in the shell. The purpose is to ensure that the components in the box are in a relatively stable and safe temperature and humidity environment. If the chassis is not in a closed state, the high-temperature and humid air outside the chassis can enter the inside of the chassis. When encountering internal water-cooled components, it will freeze on its surface, causing possible damage. Therefore, when checking the tightness of the chassis, you should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Whether the cabinet door exists and is tightly closed. B. Whether the lifting bolts on the top are tightened. C. Whether the protective cover of the unused communication control interface on the back of the chassis is well covered, and whether the used communication control interface is well repaired.

2. Startup sequence

Because the laser enclosure cannot be completely sealed, when the power is cut off at night, the air conditioner of the enclosure will stop running. If the room is not equipped with air conditioner or the air conditioner does not work at night, the hot and humid air from outside can gradually penetrate into the box. Therefore, when restarting in the morning, you should pay attention to the following steps: A. Turn on the total power supply of the laser (no light), and let the chassis air conditioner run for about 30 minutes. B. Start the matched chiller, wait for the water temperature to adjust to the predetermined temperature, and activate the laser. Note: If a temperature and humidity controller is installed on the China Russia series equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the air is under pressure. When the temperature and humidity meet the requirements, the chiller will automatically start. C. Suggestions for normal handling: If possible, under the premise of ensuring safety, the laser should not be turned off at night, and the air conditioning of the cabinet should be kept running. Or the laser should be equipped with an air-conditioned room to maintain continuous and stable operation of the air-conditioning (including at night).

3. Water temperature setting

The cooling water temperature directly affects the photoelectric conversion efficiency, stability and condensation degree. Generally speaking, the water temperature of the cooling water is set as follows: the water temperature of the tap water (cooling the laser module) should be set at about 21°C. The Gantry flame cutting machine is a laser above 2500W. The temperature of the DI water (cooling optical components) should be set between 27 degrees and 33 degrees. This temperature should be adjusted according to the ambient temperature and humidity. Generally speaking, the ambient temperature The higher the humidity, the higher the DI water temperature should increase accordingly. The basic principle is that the temperature of DI water should be higher than the dew point.

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