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How to maintain the stainless steel profile laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-01-18

How to maintain the stainless steel profile laser cutting machine? Today, our Hongte Laser Equipment Company will introduce to you:

1. It is necessary to check whether there is lubricating oil in the aluminum profile cutting machine oil cup every day to avoid the lack of lubricating oil in the air compressor parts. To reduce the service life, check whether the pressure is maintained at a pressure of 6-7kg to operate. If the pressure is too large or too small, the air compressor parts will be damaged. The water filter of this machine has the function of automatically draining water. If it cannot automatically drain, please replace it by yourself The water filter device avoids water accumulation in the pipeline and affects the work of the machine.

2. The fuse switch must be kept off when the power supply is not in use to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel.

3. At the lubrication place, the matching position of the support rod and the press frame ring, the front and rear axles of the connecting rod frame, the cylinder joint and the two ends of the roller in the feeding and discharging. Check once a week, add oil and lubricate at the right time, to avoid the loss of stoppage caused by jamming.

4. Cutting oil: This fuel injection group can be sprayed with CPC-R32 or saponified oil, the air volume can be adjusted and the left and right oil volume can be controlled separately. Use aluminum alloy cutting oil or water-soluble Cutting oil (saponified oil) 1:20, the ratio should not be too thin to avoid excessive moisture causing rust or seizure. It is necessary to check whether the amount of oil is sufficient every day. If it is insufficient, replenish it. Adequate cooling can increase the life of the tool and reduce the aluminum. Cut raw edges.

5. Keep the work surface clean to ensure the accuracy of sawing.

6. Check the air duct for damage every day. If there is any damage, please replace with a new air duct to prevent the machine from malfunctioning due to water leakage.

7. The oil drum uses CPC-R68 hydraulic oil, which should be kept seven minutes full to ensure the smooth movement of the cylinder. When refueling, first turn off the air source and then remove the cover. , Open the oil cap on the top of the oil drum, fill the oil to seven minutes full, close the oil cap, if you just put on the back cap.

8. Regularly (preferably once a week), check whether the belt is excessively worn, parallel, and whether the belt surface pressure is too loose or too tight.

9. If the pneumatic parts are malfunctioning or inoperative during operation, please replace the malfunctioning pneumatic parts.

10. The oil injection cooling system of this machine uses an oil injector, which uses the principle of siphon to suck the cooling oil to the nozzle and cool the saw blade, in order to avoid the obstruction of air compressor parts. And a malfunction occurs.

The above are some answers from the editor of Zhejiang Hongte Laser Company.

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