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How to judge the quality of laser cutting

by:VENTECH     2022-03-16

  How to judge the quality of laser cutting? In fact, the judgment standards of laser cutting quality can be roughly divided into two categories: cutting defects, that is, defects generated in the laser cutting process, which directly affect product quality; quantifiable cutting quality indicators, depending on the cut product, the value of these indicators is also different .

1. Cutting defects of laser cutting: ① Overburning. Because the processing speed is too slow or the laser power density is too high, the heat accumulation is too large and the melting range of the workpiece is too large, so that the auxiliary gas cannot be completely blown off and overburned. ② Dregs. The auxiliary airflow fails to completely blow off the molten material produced by the cutting, resulting in the residual slag on the back of the plate called dross.

2. The quantifiable cutting quality index of laser cutting: ①The slit width. The slit width is mainly affected by process parameters such as laser power, pulse width, frequency, defocusing amount, and processing speed. ②Surface roughness. The surface roughness of the cutting surface is an important indicator reflecting the cutting quality.

Is everyone clear now? The good quality standards of laser cutting are: no defects, narrow slits, and small surface roughness.

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