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How to judge the cutting quality of laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-01-18

To evaluate the cutting quality of a laser cutting machine, you can investigate from the following aspects:

Fast-fast speed, fast efficiency

Cutting speed is an important basis for judging the level of laser cutting. For metal processing, speed is money. The higher the cutting speed, the higher the unit output value, the lower the labor cost and electricity consumption per unit time.

The latest BodorCuttingV2.0 cutting process released by Hongte Laser has increased the cutting efficiency by 200%-400%. Its cutting speed (within the common range) can reach 2 times or even 4 times of ordinary cutting process. This means that you can complete nearly a week of work within 1 to 3 days. As the unit output value rises, labor costs and electricity bills will be reduced exponentially.

BodorCuttingV2.0 is the fastest generation in the Bodor cutting process so far. It can cut 8mm carbon steel at 8KW, up to 6 meters per minute; 15KW cut 8mm carbon steel, up to 13 meters per minute.

BodorCuttingV2.0 cutting process

Fine-high cutting precision

Cutting accuracy is the second important basis for judging the level of laser cutting. The cutting accuracy of a laser cutting machine is comprehensively determined by many factors. A high-precision laser cutting machine often meets the characteristics of stable bed, sensitive crossbeam, precise guide rail and transmission system, and precise control of the operating system.

Hongte Laser independently developed cast iron bed

The high precision of Hongte's equipment firstly benefits from the self-developed cast iron bed. The cast iron bed combines the ancient Chinese classic metal casting technology and the current advanced metal machine tool manufacturing technology, innovatively using the flake graphite cast iron with the lowest tensile strength of 200MPa to be cast into one piece, and the stability is 30% higher than that of the ordinary welded bed, and the processing accuracy is improved. 30%, the bed accuracy can be maintained for 50 years or even longer.

Cast aluminum beam

In addition, Hongte laser cutting machine is equipped with aerospace-grade cast aluminum beam, which is light in weight, strong in rigidity, and fast in moving speed, which enables cutting to achieve high speed and high precision at the same time.

Easy-easy to operate

Whether the equipment is easy to use and easy to operate is also an important criterion for judging whether the laser equipment is practical.

Hongte laser equipment adopts the exclusive system BodorPro, which is perfectly integrated with its own equipment. BodorPro realizes intelligent edge finding and automatic positioning with the help of simple and fast system operation and efficient and accurate cutting instructions. The operator can operate the wireless handle with one hand, and the idle right hand can draw pictures and adjust parameters, saving time and effort.

BodorPro Intelligent CNC System

Stable-stable performance

The stability of equipment performance is directly related to the later use effect. Therefore, when purchasing laser equipment, pay attention to the long-term performance and service life.

Hongte high-power laser cutting machine S series is equipped with IPG fiber laser from the United States, with the 50-year-old cast iron bed with a precision of the bed, and the German Pretzert automatic focusing laser head. More than the power surpasses its peers, More stable and stable like Mount Tai, maintain stable operation.

With the four advantages of 'fast, precise, easy and stableselect.

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