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How to judge the cutting accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-18

The processing accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine depends on the accuracy of fiber metal laser cutting machine and CNC machine tool. In order to ensure the accuracy of CNC machine tool, it includes positioning accuracy, geometric accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. This is the main factor that affects the accuracy of metal laser cutting.

1. Positioning accuracy. If it is a fiber optic metal laser cutting machine, it can determine the position accuracy that the machine tool can achieve at the end of the moving axis. This is called a positioning error. Positioning errors include servo systems, inspection systems, water supply systems, and other errors, including moving parts and geometric errors. This will directly affect the machining accuracy of the parts. According to the positioning accuracy of the measured value, the machine tool can be determined to realize the processing accuracy of the automatic processing workpiece.

2, geometric accuracy, also known as static accuracy. This is a key component assembled after comprehensively reflecting the geometry of the fiber metal laser cutting machine of the CNC machine tool. This test method is used for testing and testing of ordinary machine tools, and puts forward higher requirements on geometric accuracy.

3. Repeat positioning accuracy. Refers to the consistency of the position accuracy of the same code in the fiber metal laser cutting machine and the CNC machine tool. The characteristics of the servo system, the factors of repeat positioning accuracy, stiffness and friction characteristics, under normal circumstances, the accidental error of repeat positioning accuracy affects the feed gap of the system is a normal distribution, which will affect the consistency of parts processing. Important accuracy standards.

The precision of the CNC system of the fiber metal laser cutting machine and the machine tool manufacturer in the manufacturing process and the machine installation and commissioning process can be guaranteed. However, The positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools are closely related to the use and changes of the machine tool, so it needs to be used frequently, or if necessary, its positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy are tested.

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