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How to improve the cutting quality of CNC laser cutting machine by optimizing drawing and nesting programming system

by:VENTECH     2022-03-12

With the rapid development of the industry, the improvement of cutting quality is particularly important. Of course, there are many factors that affect cutting, such as: cutting parameters, working gas type and quality, the technical ability of the operator and the understanding of the cutting machine equipment, etc. Today, we are not talking about hardware, we are talking about software. Starting from optimized programming and process control, we discuss some common methods to improve cutting quality. Let's see.

1. Correctly optimize the drawing and nesting programming

(1) The correct use of AutoCAD drawing parts is the first step to ensure the quality of the cut parts. Usually the nesting and layout personnel strictly follow the parts Graphic programming, for some flange splicing and slender parts, reasonable and effective measures will be taken in the programming: soft compensation, special technology (common edge, continuous cutting)... to ensure that the cut parts can pass the dimensional inspection smoothly.

(2) Since the central column (cylinder, column, net and cover) in the round pile is relatively large, it is recommended to perform the necessary special processing in the programming process before cutting, such as micro-connection (addition Break point), that is, set some temporary non-cutting points (5mm) on the same side of the partial cut. The function of these points is to connect with the steel plate during the cutting process, repair the part to avoid displacement and shrinkage deformation, and then cut these points after cutting in other areas, which is also one of the methods to ensure that the size of the cut part is not deformed.

(3) Optimize the nesting and cutting process, and change the optimized nesting diagram from the nesting state to the cutting state. Parameter settings are often used. Starting from the starting point of the inner and outer contours, lead is introduced and the contour direction is adjusted to achieve the shortest flight in the air, minimize the probability of thermal deformation, and improve the cutting quality.

(4) The optimization of the special process of nesting is to design the cutting trajectory through 'descriptive' operations according to the part outline on the layout drawing to meet the actual needs, such as anti-deformation micro-connection cutting, multi-part continuous Cutting, bridging cutting, etc., through optimization to improve cutting efficiency and quality.

(5) The selection of reasonable process parameters is also very important. For steel plates of different thicknesses, the corresponding cutting parameters should be selected, such as lead wires, wires, part spacing, plate edge distance and reserved opening size.

2. Strengthen the process control of the cutting parts

Strengthening the process control of the cutting parts is the key to improving the quality of the cutting parts. After a large amount of data analysis, the factors affecting the cutting quality are as follows: the operator, the selection of the cutting nozzle, the adjustment of the distance between the cutting nozzle and the worktable, the adjustment of the cutting speed, and the perpendicularity between the surface of the steel plate and the cutting nozzle.

(1) In the operation of CNC cutting machine cutting parts, the operator is usually required to cut parts according to the cutting process, and have the awareness of self-examination, and be able to distinguish whether the first part is qualified. If there is any unqualified situation, it must be corrected and repaired in time and submitted to the quality inspection department. After the inspection is completed, by signing the first part of the certificate, the part can be mass-produced.

(2) The type of cutting nozzle and the distance between the cutting nozzle and the work piece should be selected according to the cutting thickness. Generally speaking, the size of the cutting nozzle is proportional to the cutting thickness. The larger the cutting nozzle, the thicker the cutting thickness. The distance between the cutting nozzle and the steel plate will be affected: too far, the heating area is too large, and the parts are deformed: too close, the cutting nozzle will be blocked, resulting in waste of damaged parts, reducing the cutting speed, and the production efficiency will be greatly reduced.

(3) The thickness of the piece and the type of cutting nozzle will directly affect the adjustment of the cutting speed. The cutting speed generally slows down with the increase of the cutting thickness: the cutting speed also affects the quality of the cut opening of the part: When the slag is flowing, the correct cutting speed will make a regular popping sound, and the slag outlet and the cutting nozzle are on the same line: a reasonable cutting speed will greatly improve the cutting efficiency.

(4) The correct cutting angle is: the cutting nozzle is perpendicular to the surface of the cut steel plate 90°. If it is not vertical, it will easily cause the inclination of the cross section of each part, which will affect the inconsistency of the upper and lower dimensions of the parts, and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed, which may lead to quality accidents. Before cutting with a cutting nozzle, its permeability must be checked. If it is blocked, it will cause the inclination of the airflow, resulting in the non-verticality of the cutting nozzle and the verticality of the steel plate surface, leading to accidental cutting size errors.

Note: Before cutting, the cutting gun and nozzle must be adjusted to ensure that they are perpendicular to the surface of the platform steel plate.

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