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How to effectively control the cost of using laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-01-17

Many times if the cost we do not laser cutting machine control, then it will have more to spend, so this is users who want to have some way to control the important reasons for its cost, let's take a take a look at how to control the cost of laser cutting machine operation to produce it.


laser cutting machine has more than almost 80% in the consumption of gas, as a laser cutting machine, the main energy supply CNC laser cutting machine and manual gas cutting equipment, gas familiar with and understand the application of the principle of laser cutting machine will help reduce the cost of gas.

In this regard the Ministry of Science and Technology technology by commissioning experience multiple CNC laser cutting machine equipment, knowledge and experience summary as follows:

first of all to be able to skillfully adjust the flame, the most important issue is to ensure the normal slab cutting, if the automatic cutting can not be completed successfully, it must re-secondary cutting torch manually by hand, this resulted in a waste while hand-cut can not guarantee the quality of the cut intact. By addressing a number of CNC laser cutting machining irregularities and cutting effect, such as 'normally open flamewaste; in addition to actively promote, test new technologies, new products, highlights the cutting tip of new products appear in the 'flame' more perfect, the effect of cutting progress, slotted small, relative to the amount of gas and save.

With the growth of related industries on the amount of steel and flame cutting has become more and more production and processing enterprises in one essential aspect ratio, flame cutting it , in addition to ensuring the necessary precision cutting outside, how to effectively reduce production costs, to control the amount of gas it is becoming an issue of concern to most enterprises.

In a related experience on using CNC laser cutting machine equipment more than we talked about, just some of the issues involved in the operation of some of the details, from the big aspects look, companies want to reduce equipment costs, but also need to start from the principle of flame gas cutting. Flame cutting is also called a cutting gas oxygen / gas combustion process with.

a first step, the steel sheet temperature must be raised to ignition. Then, the oxygen flow in an elongated area metal oxide, slag produced during the combustion is blown off cutting oxygen stream to form a kerf. Oxygen gas may be used for cutting carbon steel and low alloy steel, a thickness of up to several dm.

cutting quality depends on the surface condition, cutting speed and the material thickness of the material. A typical thickness of the recommendations in the flame cutting 6-150MM range, which is currently achievable CNC laser cutting machine cutter thickness; flame cutting, but cutting is cutting a maximum thickness of the many ways in the cutting mode, generally higher if the cutting thickness when a typical thickness, gas cutting machine, cutting torch, the oxygen gas and the amount to be changed, it is mainly the power cut-impermeable steel.

These are some experience in automatic laser cutting machine applications. However, to better use the automatic laser cutting machine, control of the first need skilled torch flame, the flame in the key regulating gas source, most of the oxygen site oxygen duct, the oxygen purity and pressure requirements generally achieved, but a multi-gas bottled gas, the gas bottle 30 kg, the machine size 5 5 stream, a time of about 2 hours, so that, midway bound to replace the air, leading to large fluctuations in gas pressure, gas flow rate directly affects , resulting in cutting is not normal.

In addition, to ensure the integrity of the existing equipment, usually based procedures should periodically check for leaks on the pipeline, fittings, etc., bearing, pin hole, etc. refueling lubrication of cutting nozzle, cooling water and other clean-up, some programs to complete their daily work in order to ensure normal operation, and then to improve, to enhance the effect. In connection with specific apparatus point of view, such as the pumping of the large gas cutting flame CNC laser cutting machine usually equipped with more than ten sets flame torch, laser cutting machine generally straight (long laser cutting machine) is divided into three, are used with steel cutting is performed.

1. Simplest straight laser cutting machine, uniformly put steel into a strip, simple practical, low price, sales have been very good.

2. In addition to the simple steel strip cutting function, but also pay more of a transverse cutting flame gun, so that both cut straight, and can cut off straight, function is stronger, but in most cases, the user in order to save costs, often performed manually cut transversely. This cost is relative to the first but also more expensive.

3. CNC laser cutting machine straight, this is the most powerful and most advanced, so the price is the most expensive, in addition to one species and outside the two kinds of main features, as well as powerful CNC shaped cutting function, can be equipped with CNC flame cutting and CNC plasma, CNC become the most versatile flame plasma straight cutting machine.

In addition to the above content to share with you how to control the cost of laser cutting machine, but also to introduce some of its content using the principles, hoping to help to you.

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