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How to choose the right metal laser cutting machine manufacturer

by:VENTECH     2021-12-18

When buying a metal laser cutting machine, how should I choose a metal laser cutting machine? Many friends may have different focuses. Some friends will consider the machine itself, while some friends will choose a good laser cutting machine manufacturer. In fact, Well, there is no problem, it is better to combine the two, good manufacturers and good equipment, more efficient production! What are the specific considerations? Let's take a look with Hongte!

1. Components and control components

Metal laser cutting machine equipment has high quality requirements, so the pneumatic components, guide components, circuit components, control systems and mechanical components used in the equipment have high quality requirements. Therefore, when choosing a metal laser When cutting the machine, you should pay attention to the configuration of some metal laser cutting machine accessories.

2. Engineers have the ability to design metal laser cutting machines

Engineers engaged in the design of non-standard automation equipment must have very rich design experience in the metal laser cutting machine industry, and be familiar with different equipment requirements and indicators to ensure the rationality of the laser process and the stability of the equipment.

3. Ability to debug and trial-produce non-standard automation equipment

Non-standard automation equipment designed and manufactured according to customer needs needs to be repeatedly tested before leaving the factory. Through continuous debugging, the performance of the equipment meets or exceeds the requirements, and then is delivered to the customer and installed.

When we choose a metal laser cutting machine manufacturer, we can go to the factory to test the machine to assist customers in preparing for trial production, and start formal trial production, and provide a pair of operators during the trial production process. A guide, which includes the operation and use of the equipment, maintenance and debugging methods, until the equipment is running well in the factory and the operator has mastered the operating skills.

4. Good after-sales service from metal laser cutting machine manufacturers

Good after-sales service is essential for metal laser cutting machine manufacturers. When we choose a metal laser cutting machine, we first need to understand the manufacturer’s after-sales service, because we may encounter some failures when using the equipment And problems, and then need the manufacturer’s follow-up maintenance service. When starting the inspection, we must ask more about the manufacturer’s reputation to ensure worry-free after-sales.

The above are some methods of how to buy a metal laser cutting machine. We are not only paying attention to the machine itself, but also need to carefully choose a metal laser cutting machine manufacturer to ensure that subsequent production is worry-free!

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