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How to choose the cutting gas of the gantry CNC cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-03-11

   I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with this machine 'Gantry cutting machineIt has attracted the attention of many manufacturers. Nowadays, many cutting machine manufacturers have begun to use gantry cutting machines. Now, let us learn about the gas selection of gantry CNC cutting machines. Hope to help you in front of the screen.

   Gantry CNC cutting machine usually has a higher no-load voltage and working voltage. When using high ionization energy gas such as nitrogen, hydrogen or air, the voltage required to stabilize the plasma arc will be higher. When the current is constant, the increase in voltage means the increase in arc enthalpy and cutting ability. If the enthalpy increases, the jet diameter decreases, the gas flow increases, and the cutting speed and quality will increase.

  1. Hydrogen is usually used as an auxiliary gas mixed with other gases. Hydrogen is one of the more powerful gases in gantry cutting, which is mainly beneficial to hydrogen. Hydrogen can significantly increase the arc voltage, so that the hydrogen plasma jet has a higher electric heating value. After being mixed with argon gas, the cutting ability of the hydrogen plasma jet is greatly improved.

  2, oxygen can increase the cutting speed of low carbon steel. When using oxygen cutting, the spiral duct machine must be used with high-temperature anti-oxidation electrodes, and at the same time protect the electrodes from the impact of the arc, thereby prolonging the service life of the electrodes.

  3. Nitrogen is a common working gas. Under high power supply voltage conditions, nitrogen plasma arc has better stability and higher injection energy than argon plasma arc. Even when cutting materials with high liquid metal viscosity, such as stainless steel and nickel-based alloys, the slag hanging on the lower edge of the cut is very small. Nitrogen can be used alone or mixed with other gases. For example, nitrogen or air is usually used as a working gas for automatic cutting. These two gases have become the standard gases for high-speed cutting of carbon steel. Nitrogen is sometimes used as arc gas in gantry CNC cutting machines.

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