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How to choose fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-18

With the advent of the intelligent age, the high efficiency brought by mechanized equipment is gradually being valued. Fiber laser cutting machines have become the new darling of many metal processing industries. They can process various metal materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. For alloys, etc., the use of fiber laser cutting machine is more efficient and high-quality. However, how to choose a fiber laser cutting machine has become a difficult problem. Many people have this idea. Since the choice is not good, Hongte, as a machine equipment manufacturer, will share some little knowledge with you.

The functionality of fiber laser cutting machine is relatively rich, which is also different from traditional equipment. The functional menu of Hongte fiber laser cutting machine is relatively rich, such as production, process, maintenance, diagnosis, and debugging. All functions are available, but the general equipment will be relatively few.

For fiber laser cutting machine, the laser is one of the most core components. For an excellent fiber laser cutting machine, the quality of the laser should be an important indicator of the quality of the equipment, because the better the laser, the lower the energy consumption, the more stable the cutting, and the lower the production cost.

When you mention products, you have to talk about the price. The price of fiber laser cutting machines is basically more than 200,000 yuan, because the production cost of better products is very high. In recent years, with With the lowering of market entry barriers, many small manufacturers have entered this market, using price wars and selling them to customers at low prices. This kind of equipment with a lower price than cost is not recommended for everyone to buy.

After the introduction of the above aspects, domestic fiber laser cutting opportunities are more cost-effective and easier to use than other products. It is very suitable for you who are still struggling to buy fiber laser cutting machines.

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