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How to choose a new laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-10

After 2000, the sales of lasers rose by leaps and bounds, and they surpassed punches in market share for a long time. In 2005, fiber optic technology became a buzzword for laser cutting.

After more than ten years of development, with the development of fiber laser technology and the increase in demand from downstream industries, the fiber laser market has increased year by year, from 28.60% in 2012 to 41.34% in 2016, and it has become a market. The industrial laser with the largest share, fiber laser cutting machine is no longer a new thing.

At the same time, the laser cutting machine market has also undergone tremendous changes. Low- and medium-power laser cutting machines have been used for a long time, and the cutting effect and cutting ability will be much worse than before. It is gradually difficult to meet the daily processing needs. Unable to cope with the increasing number of thick plate cutting applications.

In the past, the processing stations that dared to be the first to adopt laser cutting technology are facing the demand for equipment replacement. The rapid development of the industry has attracted the participation of many companies, hoping to get a share of the pie, which makes it even more difficult for business owners to choose the right laser cutting machine.

How to choose a new laser cutting machine? Master Laser teaches you a few tricks

1. Clarify the scope of business needs: consider clearly the scope of your business, the thickness of the cutting material, which materials need to be cut and other factors, and then determine the power size of the equipment to be purchased and the size of the workbench. The power and format are not the bigger the better, the important thing is to meet the actual demand.

2. Choose a brand manufacturer: The laser cutting machine market is very mature, and there are many companies that do not have Ru0026D capabilities. Huagong Laser has a 46-year brand history, inheriting advanced technology and brand pedigree from Australia. After years of technological innovation and technological breakthroughs, it has set many 'world firsts' in my country's laser industry, and its brand strength is trustworthy.

3. Look at the main parts of the product: some important parts of the laser cutting machine, we also need to pay great attention when purchasing. Especially the laser, cutting head, servo motor, guide rail, water tank, etc., these components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the laser cutting machine. Huagong Laser's new product MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine, the equipment adopts the core light source to manufacture independently, the maintenance cost and purchase cost are reduced by 20%. It adopts the gantry double-drive structure, which has a stable structure, good rigidity and high speed.

4. After-sales service: No matter how well a laser cutting machine is made, the user will encounter various problems in the process of using it. When encountering a problem that the customer cannot solve, the manufacturer Whether it can provide timely solutions is particularly important. HG Laser has established a complete marketing network, and currently has more than 40 offices in China, distributed in major central cities in my country. 'Close to users and extended services 

For companies operating sheet metal cutting business, the high-power system equipped on the new model is an important tool to achieve rapid cutting and enhance market competitiveness, and to provide high-quality laser cutting machine equipment for various industries It is also the unremitting pursuit of Huagong Laser for many years.

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