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how to calculate mig wire feed speed | ehow

by:VENTECH     2020-02-29
Inert Metal gas (MIG)
The welding machine automatically sends the wire to the welding site through the welding head of the welding gun.
This wire acts as both an electrode to bend with the metal being welded to produce a weld, and as a filling material to connect the metal piece.
To ensure that the appropriate joints are created, the MiG line must be fed into the weld at the appropriate speed.
Use calipers and rulers to measure the thickness of the metal you are connected.
By dividing the molecule by denominator, convert the standard measured value to a decimal.
For example, if your plate is 1/8 thick, get 0 by dividing 1 by 8. 125 inch.
Convert your measurements into amps.
100 of metal per inch requires 1 amp.
Therefore, it takes 1/8 amps for the 125 thick metal to properly weld the joint.
Determine the diameter of the MiG line you will use for welding.
The wire manufacturer lists the wire burning rate (in inches/amps) on the package ).
For example, 0.
The 030 specification wire required for 125 amps welding has a burn rate of 2 inch per 125 amps.
Multiply the number of amps required for welding by the burn rate associated with the diameter of the wire to calculate the feed rate.
Using our example, you can multiply 125 amps by a combustion rate of 2 inch to calculate a feed rate of 250 inch per minute.
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