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How to adjust the accuracy of the laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-01-17

After the laser cutting machine is installed, it cannot be put into operation immediately, and relevant trial run tests and adjustments need to be done. Because many people rush into use after installation, the accuracy of the cutting machine equipment has not been adjusted well, resulting in cutting failures and poor performance. So the following editor will talk about how to adjust the accuracy of the device.

1. When the spot of the focused laser is adjusted to be smaller, the initial effect is determined by spotting, and the focal length is determined by the size of the spot effect. We only need to find the small laser spot, and then this position is better. Process the focal length to start processing work.

2. Debug at the front of the cutting machine, we can use some debugging paper, the scrap point of the workpiece to determine the accuracy of the focal position of the laser cutting machine, move the position of the height of the upper and lower laser heads, and the size of the laser point when shooting There will be different size changes. Adjust the position several times to find the smaller spot position to determine the focal length and suitable position of the laser head.

3. After installing the laser cutting machine, install a scribing device on the cutting nozzle of the cutting machine, and the scribing device draws a simulated cutting pattern, which is a 1 meter square. A circle with a diameter of 1m is built in, and four corners are drawn diagonally. After the stroke is completed, measure it with a measuring tool. Whether the circle is tangent to the four sides of the square and the diagonal length of the square is √2 (the data obtained by opening the root is approximately: 1.41m), and the central axis of the circle should be equally divided into the sides of the square and the points in the center. The distance between the intersection of the axis and the two sides of the square to the intersection of the two sides of the square should be 0.5m. By testing the distance between the diagonal and the intersection, the cutting accuracy of the equipment can be judged. Therefore, whether it is after the laser cutting machine is installed, or before each start-up, it is necessary to do a detailed inspection and adjustment of its accuracy, which will not only better ensure that the subsequent operation of the cutting machine equipment is more stable and accurate , Can also effectively reduce the incidence of equipment failure.

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