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How much precision can the laser cutting machine achieve-Hongte Laser

by:VENTECH     2022-01-01

The question of how precise the laser cutting machine can reach is probably a question that many buyers who require precision are very concerned about. The cutting accuracy of the high-precision laser cutting machine can reach 5 filaments or more. High, with the development of laser technology, the Ru0026D and production of picosecond, nanosecond, and femtosecond lasers have made the precision of laser cutting have a qualitative leap. However, the cutting accuracy is not fixed, and there are relatively many factors that affect the accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

What are the factors that affect the accuracy of the laser cutting machine?

1. Machine's own factors

The cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine is mainly affected by the light spot, that is, the smaller the light spot, the cut The smaller the slit, the higher the accuracy, and the spot depends on different lasers. Secondly, the hardware configuration of the machine, such as the working platform, motor, guide rail, etc., all affect the cutting accuracy. When the machine is running and cutting, it will produce a slight vibration, which will affect the cutting accuracy. In order to reduce these factors, Hongte Laser Accuracy is the impact. Servo motors are used to replace traditional stepping motors, screw drives replace the original linear guides, and the marble platform reduces the impact of vibration. Makes a great improvement in the accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

2. External factors

Different cutting materials have a greater impact on cutting accuracy. When the material is smoother , The cutting accuracy is often higher. In addition, the thickness of the cutting material also affects the accuracy. For example, when cutting a 1mm material, the cutting accuracy is 0.1mm. When cutting a 5mm material, the accuracy may not reach 0.1mm.

As a laser cutting machine manufacturer, when customers have cutting needs, we will recommend suitable model configurations to customers according to their cutting needs, such as material, size, thickness, accuracy, etc., Of course, the higher the precision of the laser cutting machine, the higher the price of its products. Therefore, when choosing a laser cutting machine, the higher the precision, the better. The one that can meet your cutting requirements is the most suitable.

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