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How much is the price of 3000w laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-09

Before buying a laser cutting machine, we all want to know how much is a laser cutting machine? How much does the laser cutting machine cost? How much does the laser cutting machine manufacturer offer? Before clarifying this problem, the first thing to clarify is: how much power laser is needed (for example: the laser power is 3000w laser cutting machine price and how much is the price quoted), what material to cut, metal or non-metal, and whether it needs a single table or Double table, how big the table is, whether to bring an exchange table, whether to have a tube cutting function, laser brand, laser cutting head brand, laser cutting head with automatic zoom function, bed craft level and weight, servo motor, deceleration Machines, linear guides, rack and pinion, chillers, brand and model of automatic lubrication system, cutting CNC system, etc., must first form a concept before buying, so that the laser cutting machine manufacturer’s quotation is more accurate, otherwise In fact, you can't get the real price if you inquire everywhere, and the laser cutting machine manufacturer will only give an approximate price. There are many manufacturers of laser cutting machines, and most of the prices are similar, ranging from more than 20 to several million. The specific price is based on the laser power, the cutting format, and auxiliary optional facilities, such as air compressors and regulators. , Dust extraction equipment. Manufacturers and brands of core accessories. There are also technologies and services related to laser cutting manufacturers.

Hongte Laser focuses on the brand of 500W-3000W laser cutting machine. Take 3000W fiber laser cutting machine quotation as an example. 3000W fiber laser cutting machine can cut 20mm carbon steel. The price of 3000W fiber laser cutting machine is mainly determined by configuration. As well as the impact of quality assurance, the configuration is the laser (choose domestic or imported, domestically produced will have a slight advantage in price), control system (choose domestic or imported, and domestically produced will have a slight advantage in price), For the machine tool part, the quality assurance is the after-sales service of the laser cutting machine brand. The quality assurance of the big brand is definitely better than that of the small brand. The use cost of the brand laser cutting machine will be relatively low, the quality will be good, the cutting quality will be relatively better, and the service life will be longer.

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