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How much is the high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machine? Choose domestic or imported?

by:VENTECH     2022-03-04

In recent years, with the development of the laser industry, the advantages of laser cutting have become more and more obvious, from traditional plasma cutting machines, carbon dioxide laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, solid laser cutting machines to more and more comprehensive comparisons of customers. Next, we chose an effective, economical, and environmentally friendly CNC fiber laser cutting machine. The power has gone from a few hundred watts to the current 10,000 watt level. Before customers buy high-power CNC laser cutting machines, they usually shop around. Different manufacturers often give different quotations. Customers will inevitably have questions. Why do different manufacturers have different prices for similar configurations? Today, the editor will share with you.

1: Look at the specific configuration and technology of the high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machine

When it comes to configuration and technology, many customers will say that lasers are not produced by themselves, you only need Assemble together. But a laser cutting machine is far more than just a laser. Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly composed of light path system, bed system, servo drive system, water cooling system, software control system and many other components. Any aspect will affect the stability of the machine. Many manufacturers cut corners and deceive customers in order to maximize short-term benefits. Different configuration costs are different, and the cutting effect is also different. Therefore, the manufacturer needs to quote according to the specific requirements of the high-power CNC laser cutting machine you purchase.

Two: Look at the manufacturer's strength of the high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machine. Many laser cutting machine companies close down every year. Suppose that based on price factors, suppose you buy a high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machine at a price of 100,000 yuan cheaper than the normal price, but after buying it, it cannot be used normally and parts are replaced frequently. The loss caused by normal production is far more than 100,000 yuan. It is recommended that customers visit the manufacturer on site before purchasing. Manufacturers have different strengths, and the prices of high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machines produced are also different.

3: Look at the table type of the high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machine

Do you think it will be over after selecting the brand and selecting the power? Even the surface of the same high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machine can be selected. Generally, there are work surfaces: single, exchange workbench, format (3015/4015/4020/6015/6020), open type, closed type, and the price of different styles will vary.

Four: Look at the after-sales service of manufacturers of high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machines

In all mechanical service industries, after actual use, the user is worried that what is needed is the timeliness and continuity of after-sales service. Must ensure the normal operation of the machine to ensure production. Let professional people do professional things, even if there is simple training that can easily handle some subtle problems, it is not as convenient and assured to let professional manufacturers contract after-sales problems. Therefore, the after-sales service can also affect the price of the machine. Generally, the price of the brand with stable after-sales service is slightly more expensive, because the maintenance of the high-power CNC laser cutting machine is very expensive, even during the warranty period, the brand has to bear the corresponding Maintenance costs, so do you now know why the brand premium is so serious?

As for whether to choose domestically produced or imported, in fact, enterprises with sufficient funds can choose to import as much as possible. It is not that domestically produced products are not good. Although domestically produced products have made rapid progress, it has to be admitted that foreign laser cutting technology is indeed more advanced than domestic ones. However, in general, domestically produced high-power CNC laser cutting machines can already meet daily production needs!

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