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How much is a laser cutting machine-why is the price difference so big?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-28

If you ask 'how much is the laser cutting machineWhen we choose fiber laser cutting machine, we often have fog. How to choose a laser cutting machine with reasonable price and good after-sales service?

The brand's laser cutting machine, laser, laser power, motor, laser head and other configurations not only determine the price, but also determine the service life. Therefore, when we buy a laser cutting machine, we should pay attention to this information.

The price difference is big

As a new product in line with the market trend, laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision and high cutting speed, which is very popular among users. But now, the laser cutting machine on the market is different, and the price is also different: some tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and some businesses mark 'XX laser cutting machine 6000More importantly, some sellers only bid, obscure the address, or even the address, so that users who can not attend do not know, this is actually a small workshop.

Determine industry needs

When we choose, we should understand what we are buying a laser cutting machine for, what material to cut, and the thickness and size of the material to be cut. For example, Longtai 3015 laser cutting machine is a fiber laser cutting machine that meets the needs of the sheet metal processing industry. This series of products is a model of the metal processing industry. The energy density laser beam is output by the fiber laser and concentrated on the surface of the work piece, so that the area irradiated by the fine focus point on the work piece quickly melts and vaporizes. By moving the numerical control mechanical system to move the point irradiation position, the point can be automatically cut.

Fiber laser cutting machine

Some laser cutting machines are surrounded by structures to reduce laser radiation, and some have exchange platforms to save up and down time. The plate and tube integration machine is suitable for customers who need to cut two materials of plate and tube. The more functions of the laser cutting machine, the higher the price, we can choose according to our needs.

Choose a cutting machine with a moderate format and high precision

After selecting the machine type, select the tabletop of the laser cutting machine according to the size of the material to be cut. The machines of the same series are expensive and powerful, but the format size is not good. Some poor-quality machinery and equipment have unstable average laser output at each point in a large format, so it is correct to choose a suitable format.

Of course, pay attention to the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. The higher the accuracy, the better the cutting surface. The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine should also be considered. After all, the cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the profit is also greater. The longer the life of the laser, the better for the user.

Don't just care about the price, ignore the after-sales service

The important thing is the after-sales service of the laser cutting machine. During the use of the machine, or due to improper use or long time, some minor problems may occur. Therefore, the longer the warranty period, the more beneficial to users, and good after-sales service will make customers feel relieved to buy the machine. Longtai fiber laser cutting machine allows customers to purchase at ease and easy to use.

The price of fiber laser cutting machine is high

Compared with ordinary cutting machines such as CO2 laser cutting machine, the price of 500W fiber laser cutting machine is between 400,000 and 800,000. Although the price of fiber laser cutting machine is high and the initial investment is large, its high cutting speed, high efficiency and high cutting precision will benefit a lot.

Therefore, the choice of laser cutting machine should be based on the needs of the industry and cutting materials to choose the model and style of the laser cutting machine. It requires a higher configuration and the price is naturally higher, but you cannot blindly pursue the price and ignore the quality. The cutting machine manufacturer does not have a clear address, or goes to other companies to transfer goods or small workshops. Information is full of information, and prices are marked out of order. No matter how much it is, we advise against being fooled.

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