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How much is a fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine, and how does the manufacturer choose

by:VENTECH     2022-03-05

The automatic laser pipe cutting machine is different from fast-moving consumer goods. Whether it is in Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen, you can’t get a quotation immediately like fast-moving consumer goods when you ask for a quotation. Its structure is more complicated and needs to be combined with multiple factors. Offer.

A fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine is composed of bed, laser, cooling equipment, cutting tools, dust collection device, laser control cabinet and other important parts. The same is a fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine, but as long as the parts used are different, the price will be different. If the comparison is between domestic and imported, the price difference will be even greater. In addition, there are differences between brands. Brands have only two words, but behind them are the results of long-term accumulation of good quality, design, reputation, and service. The same is the reason why Apple sells so expensively. Just like buying a tube laser cutting machine, you must choose brand manufacturers carefully, pay attention to the strength of the manufacturer and the manufacturer’s after-sales situation. They will have offices in most parts of the country, such as Hongte Laser, which has offices in many cities. . After zui, when choosing a tube laser cutting machine, it must be combined with the manufacturer’s own production conditions. If you want to cut thin tubes, you don’t need to buy too much power. If you need to cut plates and tubes at the same time, you must buy a plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine. For automatic loading and unloading, you must purchase the corresponding function. In this way, you won't buy the wrong one, and won't waste money.

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