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How is the laser cutting machine used?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-27

Nowadays, various industries in society are developing rapidly. The most important thing is that each industry needs our various types of machines. As a new type of equipment, our laser cutting machine has been accepted and used by many industries, and the technology in this area has become more and more mature. As a new type of machine, this kind of equipment must still have many people who don't know it very well. So today I will introduce how it is used for everyone, so that everyone can have a preliminary understanding of it.

The first thing we need to know is that our laser cutting machine equipment contains many types, such as laser cutting equipment, laser engraving equipment and so on. So how do they use it? Since there are two words 'laser' in their names, their use must be related to lasers, and the relationship is very close.

In the process of starting the machine, the energy of the laser is concentrated through special equipment, so that a very high-density beam can be formed, and the energy contained in it is also very amazing. It is transferred to the material we need to manipulate, so that it can generate very high heat to melt it to achieve the cutting effect, so this is also the fundamental difference between our equipment and traditional machining.

Moreover, the high-density light beam produced by our laser cutting machine vaporizes our material to create holes when cutting the material we need to cut, so that the cutting seam of the cut material is Very neat, and the cutting speed, beam energy, etc. are all controlled by our intelligent control system, which can be very precise.

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