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How high is the cutting accuracy of the high-precision laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2021-12-11

How high is the cutting precision of the high-precision laser cutting machine?

The laser cutting machine has always been known for its high precision. Compared with cutting methods such as flame cutting, water cutting, and plasma cutting, the high-precision laser cutting machine has higher precision and can meet the needs of 3C electronic high-precision cutting. How high is its cutting accuracy?

High-precision FPC laser sub-board machine

According to needs, the accuracy of different machines is different. The high-precision laser cutting machine dedicated to FPC soft boards and other electronic circuit boards uses ultraviolet lasers, with a general accuracy of up to 20μm. If it is dedicated to fiber laser cutting machine, it can reach ±0.03mm. The cutting accuracy of CO2 laser cutting machine is generally 0.05 mm.

High-precision CO2 laser cutting machine

The cutting precision of high-precision laser cutting machine has a lot to do with the material, and the cutting precision of different materials is also different. For example, for the same non-metallic materials, the cutting accuracy of wood materials is definitely not as high as that of film materials.

High-precision fiber laser cutting machine

Ingenuity craftsmanship, excellence. Along with the intelligent and qualitative evolution of a large number of products, higher requirements have been put forward on related parts processing technology, which require high efficiency, intelligence and precision. High-precision laser cutting machines can effectively meet the processing requirements of these products.

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