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How does the laser cutting machine perform processing work

by:VENTECH     2022-02-27

Laser cutting machine is a widely used advanced cutting equipment. Generally, it can accurately cut materials and is loved by many manufacturers because of its high precision, environmental protection and low loss characteristics. , So it is generally used to cut some parts that require high-precision.

1. Before using the laser cutting machine, first turn on the water pump to fill the laser tube with water, and always check the water circulation during the working process of the machine to ensure that the water circulation in the laser tube is normal and the laser cutting machine is unobstructed. It is strictly forbidden to bend or block the cooling water pipe! The water in the water tank must be kept clean, and the water temperature cannot exceed 35 degrees during work.
2. This laser product is a specific fixture model. The handle of the fixture may touch the laser head. Please remember to lay it upside down before cutting. The manufacturer does not guarantee the laser head if it is damaged by the side.
3. The laser produced in the laser tube has high-temperature scorching properties. Please pay attention to the optical path of the laser when working, (special attention should be paid to dimming) to avoid being burned by the laser, and remember not to put your skin under the laser head when working.
4. Laser cutting machine When the laser cutting machine is working, especially when cutting, please pay attention to the interference of the surrounding electronic equipment, and do not put mobile phones and other communication equipment near the machine.
5. It is strictly forbidden to operate the laser cutting machine at full power for a long time. It is recommended that the cutting power be turned on to 90%~95.
7. It is strictly forbidden to place any irrelevant total reflection or diffuse reflection objects in the equipment to prevent the laser from being directly reflected on the human body or flammable objects.
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