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Hongte talks about the unique advantages of laser cutting machine in hull processing

by:VENTECH     2022-01-30

Comparison between laser cutting machine and conventional cutting equipment

Hongte has summarized four main types of blanking methods for hull plate parts: flame cutting, plasma cutting, shearing and laser cutting.

Comparison of equipment performance

Each of these cutting methods has swings in the hull processing. Among them, the flame cutting machine can cut the thick plate; the plasma cutting machine is fast; the utilization rate of the cutting material is high, but it can only be limited to For the processing of straight edge parts, the cutting accuracy error is relatively large; the laser cutting machine mainly has high cutting accuracy, high equipment stability, and low cutting heat input. But the cutting speed of thick plates is relatively slow. It is precisely because of the advantages of high precision that the laser cutting machine has no margin accuracy management in the process of high-tech product thin plate construction, segmented construction, and the process of high requirements for the straightness of the welding groove in the construction of merchant ships: such as the FCB method of splicing and double wire embedding. There are irreplaceable advantages in 4-arc automatic welding and other aspects. The advantages of these laser cutting machines have laid an important foundation for the smooth implementation of the reformed construction method.

The following is a simple and intuitive comparison of the parameters of the laser cutting machine and the other two cutting equipment:

The application of laser cutting machine in actual production

By comparing the performance of laser cutting equipment with other blanking equipment, it is known that the main processing advantages of laser cutting equipment are high cutting accuracy and small thermal deformation. This feature has broad application prospects in actual production.

Promoting the construction of high-tech sub-sections with no margins

Gaoxin has high requirements for the transfer accuracy of the hull sections, and the frame transfer clearance must be controlled within the range of 1mm. Take a certain type of ship bottom section EB02 as an example. In the past, when plasma was used to blank the ribs, in order to ensure the assembly gap, the coal ribs were all set with a trimming allowance, and the allowances on these ribs were assembled on site. If the repair is performed manually, the quality of the repair is uneven and the oxide in the slit is not easy to be clear. At the same time, it increases the assembly workload and the assembly cycle increases, resulting in the extension of the entire segmented construction cycle. The use of laser cutting machine to cut materials improves the accuracy of parts, and the assembly margin is relatively eliminated, and the frame assembly speed is significantly accelerated. The assembly quality of the entire section is also significantly improved, and the completion accuracy of the section construction is also improved at the same time. Facts have proved that more accurate parts are conducive to ensuring the main size of the section.

Promote the reform of sheet metal cutting method

The thin-walled superstructure section builder is an important part of the entire high-tech hull construction. The thickness of the thinnest coaming plate is only 2mm; in the entire superstructure section construction process, from blanking to component manufacturing , Segmented manufacturing, a series of processes in the general assembly are all hand-held processes, and thin-walled plates are easy to lose stability and deform. Therefore, each process of the construction of the thin-walled superstructure is the key to control, and it is the introduction of the laser cutting machine that promotes the reform of the thin-walled blanking method. Laid an important role in ensuring the quality of the block construction.

Before the introduction of the laser cutting machine, the cutting of 2-3mm thin plates was mainly carried out by manual scribing, and the scissors were used for cutting. Then the leveling machine is used for leveling; the cumulative accuracy deviation of manual scribing and shearing is about 3mm, which causes the assembly gap in the wall panel to be out of tolerance, and cannot meet the requirements of the assembly gap within 1mm. There are often a lot of repairs on site. Phenomenon: For the 4-6mm steel plate, plasma cutting is used. Because the plate is thin and the cutting heat is large, the straightness of the edge of the steel plate cannot meet the requirements. After cutting and flattening, it is still necessary to use an edge planer for edge processing, which increases the processing procedure .

At the stage of partial installation, a large number of walls were scrapped or reworked due to blanking errors, and when the segmented walls were assembled, problems such as edge trimming of the walls or out-of-tolerance assembly gaps emerged one after another. , Before the cutting machine is used to cut the material, the scrap rate of the thin plate surrounding wall material is high. The thickness of the laser cutting machine is introduced because of its high processing accuracy and low heat input. All thin walls are cut by laser, which can be done in one step, eliminating the need for scribing, flattening, and edge planing. It eliminates the need for cutting. The loss of the board caused by the problem; greatly improve the processing efficiency.

In short, as a new type of cutting equipment for ship hull parts, laser cutting machine has high processing accuracy, small thermal deformation, good equipment stability, low parts loss rate, and less environmental pollution compared with other conventional cutting equipment. The advantages of, have greater application potential in production and manufacturing. At present, there is a good application in the high-tech section with no margin construction and the reform of the thin plate cutting method, which greatly improves the processing efficiency, eliminates the phenomenon of on-site repair and reduces labor and material waste. The advantages of laser cutting machine will be more extensive and deeper application in manufacturing.

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