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Hongte laser metal laser cutting machine dancing on the steel plate

by:VENTECH     2022-01-30

Laser has always been hailed as 'the fastest knife, the most accurate ruler, and the brightest light'. After years of development, the cutting process has not only become the sharpest 'knife' in the manufacturing industry, but also in our daily lives. The decorations and handicrafts that can be seen everywhere are inseparable from laser technology. Many products that use laser processing make people's lives more colorful, and behind them all have a common hero-fiber laser cutting machine.

As a new type of processing tool, fiber laser cutting machine is the product of the development of modern science and technology. In order to allow more creative products to emerge from various fields of metal processing, creatives boldly introduce laser technology, write the art world of metal with fiber laser cutting machine, and interpret the stunning industrial beauty!

Craft gifts

Chinese metal crafts have a long history, but metal processing is difficult and expensive. The advent of the fiber laser cutting machine not only simplifies the metal crafts processing process and reduces costs, but also makes it an affordable 'plaything' for the public.

Home Decoration

Metal home decoration overcomes the disadvantages of other materials that are easy to fade, damp, and difficult to preserve, while laser cutting technology overcomes the inflexible disadvantages of metal processing. Perfect combination of laser hollow elements and metal to create clearer and more gorgeous screens, doors and windows.

Metal screen u0026 metal stairs

Art Architecture

Behind every magnificent metal art building is a piece of tens of thousands of pieces of metal. And each piece of metal is precisely outlined step by step by laser.

Lighting and lighting

The elegant and graceful laser cut-out lines match the simple metal cover with innovative geometric patterns, allowing the metal lighting to find the beginning of beauty.

Metal lampshade (picture from the Internet)

Hongte laser technology has been leading the field of medium and high power fiber laser cutting machines for many years, and has successively launched GF3015, SuperCut and other popular models in the market. In September 2017, Hongte Laser made another effort to launch high-performance laser cutting products for customers who need to upgrade laser cutting equipment in processing stations. With super high cost performance, mastering the core light source technology, low maintenance cost, it can solve the problem of high investment income ratio and equipment maintenance cost for growing customers.

Laser cutting allows light to walk freely on the metal, leaving wonderful footprints and engraving various patterns at will. The laser cutting machine is a well-deserved steel dancer, and Hongte Laser will continue to move forward in the future. , To contribute more excellent metal processing 'dancers' to the market.

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