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Hongte laser cutting machine helps elevator safety

by:VENTECH     2022-01-31

  一. Laser cutting

   There are many types of elevator cars in the elevator industry, and the interior decoration is also very different. With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, the cycle of new elevator products is getting shorter and shorter, resulting in a wide variety of elevator sheet metal parts and the number of single products. Relatively few status quo. Multi-station CNC punch presses have been unable to keep up with the development trend of the elevator industry due to long mold opening cycles, complex programming, and high requirements for operators, and will gradually be replaced by laser cutting. Especially the fiber laser cutting technology can not only cut high-quality sheet metal materials, film materials, mirror materials, etc., but also cut various complex components, with better flexibility, lower operating costs, and extremely fast cutting speed, which greatly improves Increased production efficiency.

   There are many stainless steel plates and film materials in the elevator industry, and the requirements for the smoothness of the section are relatively high. Compared with the traditional CNC punching machine, laser cutting has the advantages of high surface finish, no cutting edge, and no mold loss. The fiber laser cutting machine can also cut finer and smaller sharp corners, which can effectively avoid the plastic deformation of the workpiece during the punching process, and enhance the core competitiveness of the product. The cutting precision is higher and the processing speed is faster.

  二. Laser welding

  Laser welding processing method is mainly used in the welding of elevator panel reinforcement ribs in the elevator industry. The traditional elevator car, car top, and car bottom reinforcement ribs are all connected and fixed by adhesive. This method has low cost and is suitable for use in ordinary elevators, but the adhesive method has poor durability and low strength. , It will fall off over time. In the future, high-rise elevators will also assume important responsibilities as life-saving passages in the event of a fire. It will inevitably require the improvement of the process of glued reinforcing ribs. Therefore, the method of processing elevator reinforcing ribs by laser welding has emerged.

The application of    laser welding in the elevator industry:

  1. The welding of the reinforcement ribs of the elevator car and the top and bottom of the car meets the strength requirements of the elevator car wall and enables the elevator to be activated under special circumstances;

  2. The application of car slab grooves and bends replaces the production process of glued L-shaped stiffeners, making the car more beautiful and meeting people's aesthetic needs for elevators. At the same time make the elevator life longer;

   3. The use of laser welding technology will also greatly improve the safety of elevator products, reduce maintenance costs, and increase the service life of elevators.

   As the world's leading brand in laser cutting and welding technology, Hongte uses advanced laser processing technology to improve equipment automation and intelligence, allowing every user to flexibly and freely respond to various production tasks and improve product quality. Increase production capacity. At present, many types of Hongte laser cutting and welding equipment have been successfully applied in the elevator manufacturing industry. We guarantee the normal production of each user's production workshop with strong process technology and perfect after-sales service, and develop together with users to achieve a win-win situation.

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